The Italian fashion designer and his creations

Roberto Cavalli stands for elegance, glamor and femininity and his collections are the perfect choice for those women in this world who want to express their personality and beauty through fashion.


  • Company Name:
  • Founder:
    Roberto Cavalli
  • year of establishment:
    1970, Paris
  • Headquarters:
    Milan, Italy
  • Management:
    Ennio Fontana (CEO), Fausto Puglisi (Creative Director)
  • Fashion codes & typical features:
    extravagant prints, Cavalli logo
  • Product groups:
    Clothing, bags, accessories, perfumes, watches and jewelry, home accessories and furniture

The professional career of Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Italy in 1940. He was the son of a coal mining expert; his father was shot dead along with 72 other men as part of a retaliatory action by the German Wehrmacht. So Roberto spent most of his childhood with his grandfather Giuseppe Rossi, a well-known artist and impressionist painter.

So it was no surprise
that his later career focused on art and creativity, which he later expressed through his fashion creations. He enrolled at the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Florence at the age of 17, where he majored in textile design. As a student, he worked on a series of floral prints on knitted fabrics that caught the attention of important Italian hosiery manufacturers.

As a result of his training, he also started experimenting with different materials and developed his own production processes based on them. He finally enrolled in 1960 Patent for its leather printing
for which he is still known.

When he presented this technique in Paris, he attracted the attention of established luxury houses such as Hermès and Pierre Cardin. Shortly afterwards, at the age of 32, he presented his first ready-to-wear collection during Fashion Week.

The first Cavalli boutique

He also collaborated with other designers such as Mario Valentino. With the money he earned, he opened his first boutique in Saint Tropez in 1972. From there, his unique creations quickly spread and helped him become known.

He’s also for his sandblasted jeans
known in the used look, which have become a standard model for several jeans manufacturers, they were presented in Milan in 1994.

In 2007, the designer collaborated with musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. He designed costumes for their concerts and tours. Other collaborations include designs for Diet Coke bottles in 2008.

Even today, Roberto Cavalli is one of the most respected labels in the world. The signature looks are various animal prints,
which are built into the creations in different ways.

In addition, there are now stores in the US, Europe and Asia. The label’s creations are also sold by the world’s largest department stores.

The Cavalli company
also has a number of other business interests including a restaurant, hotel and perfume. In recent years he has focused more on the manufacture of luxury goods and today offers a wide range of exclusive products, including furniture, accessories and cosmetics. According to Statista, the company had a turnover of around 96 million euros in 2019.

Design & philosophy by Roberto Cavalli

»I want the people who buy my clothes to understand that for me it is a small work of art.«

This quote from Roberto Cavalli very well embodies his philosophy as a fashion designer. For him, fashion is art that expresses the multifaceted beauty of life and of man himself.

Cavalli believes
that every human being has a unique beauty that needs to be discovered and emphasized. His creations are therefore always tailored to the individual personality of the customer. He wants the wearer to feel comfortable in his clothes and to fully express his femininity.

Add to that the Cavalli designs are opulent, sexy and seductive.
The designer likes to experiment with different fabrics and patterns to create new, exciting looks. Cavalli also believes that fashion should be natural and not artificial. She must come from the heart, be honest and be able to fully express herself and express herself appropriately in her environment.

The brand stands for naturalness and authenticity.
Cavalli believes in the power of emotions and translates them into his creations. The clothing is not only beautiful to look at, but also invites you to wear it inside out.

© Elke Mayr

The forces that inspired his designs

It’s not just Roberto Cavalli’s extraordinary style that has made him one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. Rather, it is the forces that inspired his designs that make him so unique.

Cavalli himself has repeatedly emphasized that his inspiration comes primarily from nature. He is fascinated by the patterns and colors of animals and plants
and tries to reflect this in his creations. This natural origin is also one of the reasons why his clothing will always meet the spirit of the times.

But Cavalli is not only inspired by nature. Art also plays an important role in his life. He is enthusiastic about the work of Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and tries to reflect their aesthetics in his designs.

In addition, his extravagant designs are inspired by his travels
that he did as an adult. He visited many exotic countries and was fascinated by the different cultures he got to know there. It is therefore no wonder that many of his designs are influenced by Egyptian or Tunisian culture, for example.

All these influences make Roberto Cavalli the designer he is.
An artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion design. His collections always have a very special flair that captivates his viewers. When you look at Roberto Cavalli’s collections, you feel transported to another world where everything seems possible.

The brand always embodies the typical style of Roberto Cavalli and includes several labels. These include Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli Junior, Roberto Cavalli Perfumes and Roberto Cavalli Home.

The typical Cavalli style is also very popular with stars such as Chiarra Verragni and Jennifer Lopez.

Designer Fausto Puglisi has been creative director since 2021
at the helm of the Italian fashion house and presented his first collection for the Roberto Cavalli Couture line at the Cannes Film Festival, which was highly acclaimed by fashion critics.

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