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From: Jan Frederik Wendt


Since October there has been a change at Deutsche Post. It applies to millions of customers.

Kassel – Deutsche Post customers have to regularly adapt to changes. Customers should not always primarily benefit from the innovations. Sometimes it is also about the well-being of the earth. For this reason, the company is increasingly focusing on electric street scooters.

Deutsche Post has now announced another important change: since October, the pink return slip form has been replaced by an automatically generated letter with a printed image of the shipment and a digitized signature of the recipient. Anyone who uses the product from the reference date, for example for reminders, payment requests, cancellations or objections, only needs to label the shipments with the registered receipt.

Deutsche Post: Change Affects National Registered Mail

Customers must now write the sender’s address on the front of the shipment. Filling in and pasting the return form is no longer necessary. This change only applies to national registered mail. The procedure for registered mail abroad remains as usual.

If the registered mail is delivered, the sender will automatically receive a letter. In addition to the digital signature of the recipient, this also shows a photo of the letter delivered and a QR code. Customers can download the new return slip by tracking the shipment – or by scanning the QR code. The price does not change.

Deutsche Post: Change concerns national registered mail (symbolic photo). © Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/dpa

Deutsche Post wants to significantly simplify posting

With the change, Deutsche Post also wants to make the ordering and posting of bulk mailers – such as business customers and governments – considerably easier. Just like private customers, you no longer have to manually fill in the return slip. Customers automatically receive the written delivery documentation of the registered letter with the digital signature of the recipient. In addition, a return address for the return receipts can be defined via the booking list. (Jan Wendt)

According to the Federal Network Agency, the number of complaints about Deutsche Post is currently unusually high. More and more citizens complained that their letters arrived late or not at all. This reports In the summer there were already similar problems at Deutsche Post.

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