The Callisto Protocol: Season Pass brings more story and new animations

Image: KRAFTON, Inc.

The Callisto protocol requires little computing power. The survival thriller in the style of the classic Dead Space also gets new story elements and an additional game mode in the Season Pass. In addition, more death animations follow. Work on it will begin only later, the developers assure.

The season pass that is loud Chronicle of video games was briefly described on the Steam store page, will include the game mode “Contagion”, which increases the difficulty and makes death permanent, in addition to a skin bundle. The player’s death is also displayed with 13 new animations.

Only planned instead of cut out

The developers were then accused online of removing content from the game in order to sell it later – animations seemed like something rudimentary. However, the CEO of the responsible studio strongly disagreed. Work on the DLCs wouldn’t begin until next year after the action game’s release, fans would have loved to see additional animations.

However, it’s not uncommon for studios to start planning or preparing DLCs before they’re released. Not every employee of a game can consistently work meaningfully over the course of a project, and beyond a certain point, the scope is not expanded further to allow for errors to be corrected.

In addition to the “Contagion” DLC, the “Riot Bundle” adds another area in the game where a horde mode awaits. There will also be new death animations here. In addition, there would be a story expansion, about which the Steam site has not yet provided further information.

Moderate recommended requirements

The completed game will be released on December 2 for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5 and PC. Hardware requirements remain low: GeForce GTX 1070 and Radeon RX 5700 are recommended, 16 gigabytes of RAM and a six-core processor from the third Ryzen generation or Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture should also be there. The minimum requirements are only one class lower: according to the system requirements, a slightly older Ryzen or a slow clocking six-score processor from Intel with six instead of twelve threads, eight gigabytes of RAM and an old mid-range graphics card from 2016 are sufficient.

System requirements for the Callisto protocol

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