The Bible is now on Steam

Actually, it’s not a particularly profound message: The Bible is now open Steam acquire. That’s right, the Bible is next to it from now on GTA 5, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Resident Evil 8 sold on Valve’s platform. And in keeping with the fact that written beliefs are rarely sold along with video games, the internet is responding as one would expect. Several websites point to the funny fact that you can achieve achievements by reading the teachings.

Whether we’ll see the Bible as a 100 percent speedrunning gimmick at an event like SGDQ, though, is another matter. Also included is full voice acting, a soundtrack and a trivia section to test your knowledge of the Old and New Testaments 12.49 euros including. But the release is the “title” with a discount of 33 percent available. Funny Steam reviews that “analyze” the Bible as a video game or contain an endless amount of more or less funny memes were the predictable result.

Why a Bible on Steam?

Some may wonder why anyone would bother to publish a Bible on Steam. But in fact there seems to be some pretty serious background to the bizarre release. That also applies to the person behind the project reddit explains that due to a visual impairment she reads the Bible on the desktop. But a lack of corresponding applications probably led to the complex Steam project. It cannot be assumed that this background will diminish the cynicism and amount of memes in any way.

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