Teufel sells test-winning soundbar Cinebar 11 cheaper than ever

The Cinebar 11 from Teufel, developed in Berlin, is a slim soundbar for televisions. The Stiftung Warentest rated the model in August 2021 with the overall grade “good (2.4)” and thus declared it the test winner among the tested soundbars with subwoofers.

Inside are two tweeters, six mid-range drivers and eight power amplifiers. Dynamore technology provides virtual surround sound. This creates an equally wide sound panorama as with a stereo system. This is made possible by the arrangement of the drivers and the specially developed control software. Activate the function using the remote control, the touch screen on the unit or the TV remote control.

The soundbar is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. All other devices such as game consoles can be connected to the TV. Once connected, the soundbar can be easily controlled with the TV remote. You can also play music from your smartphone via the soundbar via Bluetooth.

The wireless subwoofer can be placed or even laid in any corner. For example, it also fits under the sofa. Thanks to the DSP technology, it always ensures accurate bass. When the soundbar is turned on, the subwoofer turns on automatically.

That’s why the soundbar is a good choice

The Cinebar 11 from Teufel is technically well equipped and offers good sound thanks to virtual surround sound. As a test winner of the Stiftung Warentest, the 2.1 set is highly recommended, for example to ensure the perfect sound in the home cinema.

The price is now also good at t-online, because our readers save at least 100 euros at Teufel compared to other stores and even 155 euros compared to the recommended retail price. You then pay 19.99 euros in shipping costs, but you still get the soundbar for a record low price.

All information about the exclusive Teufel discount promotion at t-online

With the discount codes, which Teufel makes available exclusively to readers of t-online, you will receive an extra EUR 54.99 discount on the already heavily discounted soundbar in the Teufel online shop from 7 to 18 October (23:59:59). . Cinebar 11 2.1 set.

Those are Teufel’s terms

The extra discount does not apply to purchases already made. A cash payment is not possible. The discount code cannot be exchanged in combination with other promotional vouchers. Only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase. The voucher is also not for sale and loses its validity if it is sold. The exact conditions can be found in the General Conditions. The campaign can be ended at any time at short notice.

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