Telesto Week evokes a yearning for mystery, but Bungie wants you to adjust your expectations

Last week, Destiny 2 was entirely directed by Data Krake Telesto. No place was safe from the Queen of Bugs. But what was supposed to be a joke by Bungie for a badge ended up showing what the hearts of the Guardians really want.

What happened in Destiny 2 last week? The exotic Fusion Rifle with the most bugs became the all-consuming force in Destiny 2 and spread like a virus throughout the game. Telesto was everywhere and no one could really escape her.

  • Earlier last week, the exo-weapon exhibited strange firing behavior for the first time, firing funny soap bubbles that rose into the air like helium balloons.
  • Soon after, strange in-game messages surfaced announcing their takeover with “I’m in control”.
  • At the same time, Telesto took over Bungie’s Twitter account and proved their newfound power with crazy tweets.
  • Bungie then gifted a free Telesto badge to all Guardians over the weekend.

This “Telesto Week” was meant to be fun, reward Guardians with a new badge and make the Fusion Rifle iconic. But you should always be prepared for the unpredictability of a Telesto.

In Telesto 2 there is only Telesto.

Exo Weapon shows Bungie what Guardians really want

Bungie basically just let Telesto haunt the game for a bit. But the wacky weapon had a mind of its own and instead revealed to Bungie the guardians’ greatest wish: the desire for new secrets in the game.

The fact is: no real secret has entered the game for several seasons. It is precisely this secret and surprising content of Destiny 2 that Guardians especially like to play.

  • “The Whisper” was an Exo Hidden Quest on IO with a difficult, tight time limit jumping puzzle. She also awarded Guardians with arguably the coolest ship in the game.
  • “Zero Hour” was also time-sensitive and had players daringly jump around the outside of the Last City Walls for a good reward. There was also a ship there, but we keep a cloak of silence about its appearance.
  • The mystery of the “Niobe-Labs” from the days of the Black Armory was a secret, but in the end it was too hard, so Bungie had to help.
  • But not only missions, also big community puzzles like the “Corridors of Time” were events that challenged the players and were not announced in advance by Bungie.

When Telesto started to go crazy, many players still hoped that it would finally happen again and a new secret would be revealed. The whole game was eagerly searched for clues and even those who were not actively participating followed each new piece of information with interest.

But that glimmer of hope was dashed by Bungie when its weekly blog post read, “There really is no secret!”

After that, only one big question remained: “Why?”.

Will the exciting secrets fall by the wayside in the future?

Secret missions require effort: Of course, such secret missions are not part of the content of Destiny 2, which can be quickly integrated into the game. Bungie needs some development time for this.

  • For example, the development of the Whisper quest, which once unlocked the exotic sniper rifle Whisper of the Worm and its catalyst, took four months.
  • In fact, the development of the “Zero Hour” questline took no less than seven months.

However, most players would be happy to accept these longer development times if a secret mission came into play at all. Bungie should know that by now.

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Is it the fault of data miners that Bungie isn’t hiding anything anymore? Another option is the Dataminer faction in Destiny 2. They’re only too happy to spoil whatever Bungie has planned ahead of time.

That’s why players jumped at the opportunity this weekend and asked David Aldridge, Bungie’s Head of Engineering, in an interview round on reddit-AMA if it was difficult to code such secret missions to avoid them coming into play via data mining?

In his answer he explains that there is of course an awful lot that must remain hidden. There’s not just the secret mission itself, the accompanying quest, any voting lines or rewards – everything has to be “hidden”. And he explains that at the end of the day, Destiny 2’s validation systems are groaning for destroying what he calls other content sets.

Bungie’s Head of Engineering, David Aldridge, further adds:

Like most things, it’s all solvable, it’s just expensive, and so far we’ve decided it makes more sense to spend more money on cool experiences instead. All of this would have been a lot cheaper if we had thought of that when designing the system and enforced more modularity around things that we might want to keep secret in the future. But we had many other priorities on our minds at the time and could not foresee the future value of mystery and surprise.

said David Aldrige in the reddit AMA interview

Fate Amanda
Bungie recommends “lowering expectations accordingly”.

This statement initially implied that Destiny 2 will probably not want to do these missions in the future. However, Bungie’s community manager later called this a misinterpretation and clarified:

The context is crucial. In connection with a recent Reddit AMA with our tech lead, a question was asked about data encryption. The answer was mistranslated by some readers as “Bungie will never do secret quests again”. We have issued a more specific clarification.

wrote dmg04, Destiny 2 Senior Community Manager through Twitter

in a another tweet He adds: “Ultimately it is about surprise and delight, but not every surprise can be a 60 hour puzzle between different communities. I’d recommend lowering expectations accordingly, but we’ll pass on the feedback and wish for more secrets.”

3 reasons why a guardian’s biggest wish goes unfulfilled

None of the explanations really answer the Guardian’s question why. Forbes’ Paul Tassi emphasizes that it’s certainly frustrating to deal with a community that never seems to be satisfied. But Bungie’s statement itself is also frustrating for anyone who might have hoped for more detail.

Accordingly, he believes there are other explanations for the lack of new secrets in Destiny 2.

Meanized dungeons have a higher priority than secret free missions.

1. Hidden missions cannot be used as a selling point

Bungie is increasingly focusing on more publicly accessible projects. For example, a seasonal team has been set up that only takes care of seasonal activities that later also serve as a sales argument. A new exotic quest is now being announced, which could rather be a new secret, to show the value of buying a season.

2. Bungie’s monetization policy has changed

For example, dungeons are much more complex than a smaller secret mission, but they are now an integral part of Bungie’s revenue for Destiny 2.

If you do not wish to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, you must purchase a so-called “Dungeon Key” from the Everversum in-game shop to experience this content. This key then counts for two dungeons and costs the keepers about 2,000 silver, which is equivalent to about 20 euros. That’s more valuable to a developer like Bungie than a free secret mission.

3. Bungie has learned from the past and your feedback

Tassi sees another reason in the feedback from past players. Certainly there are players who also want to take a chance on difficult secrets and puzzles in the game. But they often missed the team for it, as Destiny 2 has quite a few solo players who then have to go through time-critical quests designed for 3 players.

The rest, depending on the species, also feel scared. The criticism at the time was that, for example, the ‘Niobe Labs’ or the ‘Corridors of Time’ were merely ‘streamer’ events. A few core people have been working on a solution for the wider community. The average player would have little or no chance of solving them on their own.

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Also, hiding content annoys many players as they expect instant access to everything they’ve paid for.

So in the end, Telesto Week may not have brought any new event or secret quest into play. But she made sure to re-educate Bungie about this strong desire from her community. After all, it is not the intention to “be fooled all the time”, as beolden7 finds.

What do you think of secret events or missions in Destiny 2? do you miss her Most importantly, would you mind if these came into play, but were previously known through data mining? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments.

There is currently a crisis in other places in Destiny 2, as the YouTuber KackisHD explains:

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