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The RTL secret behind the record director

Between us: this decision was record-breaking.

With a market share of 41.5 percent, Axel Prahl (62) and Jan Josef Liefers (58) set a new record with their Münster “Tatort” (viewers for the ARD broadcast alone: ​​13.1 million). Partly thanks to her: director Janis Rattenni (39), who staged the Westphalian mafia thriller.

With Boerne (played by Jan Josef Liefers, left) and Thiel (Axel Prahl, right) in front of the door: director Janis Rattenni on the set of the new Münster “Tatort”

Photo: WDR

Almost as crazy as the stories about the Münster researchers: their careers. Because the name of the successful filmmaker is a household name among fans of the RTL permanent soap ‘Unter uns’.

From the mid-1990s to 2004, Italian-born Anna Weigel was an integral part of the evening long-distance runner “Unter uns”.

Janis Rattenni (2nd from left) with her famous family

Janis Rattenni (2nd from left) with her famous family “Unter Uns”. From early 1994 to 2004, the current director played Anna Weigel, the daughter of baker Wolfgang (Holger Franke left) and his wife Irene (Petra Blossey, 2nd from right) in the RTL hit series. Also in the picture: Grandma Margot Weigel (played by Christiane Maybach)

Photo: photo alliance / Horst Galuschka

The 7000th episode will air on November 23. For comparison, since its first episode in 2002, “Tatort” Münster has had an impressive 42 episodes so far, and since 2009, by the way, there hasn’t been an episode below the magical ten million mark.

Axel Prahl (plays Superintendent Frank Thiel) to BILD: “We were able to celebrate a very nice 20th anniversary with Janis.”

How was it with the former soap opera actress of the famous TV family “Weigel” (her TV brother was also once Stephen Dürr, 48) made the jump from early evening television to the most successful TV series in Germany?

After her early start as a child and teenager, Janis Rattenni focused on further education and concentrated on behind-the-scenes work. A few years ago, she worked as a director on “Unter Uns” and already performed well with series such as “Retiree Cops”. Before that, as an assistant director on several “crime scenes” (including for SWR), Rattenni had shown that she also enjoys crime fiction.

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Privately, Rattenni has already found the right angle. Just a few weeks ago, she married her long-term partner Jan. Fits: He works as a set designer for well-known TV formats (including “Retiree Cops”). Perhaps after the great success in Münster, they can soon do a “crime scene” together.

In any case, the filmmaker enjoyed her first case from Münster: “Actually, every shooting day was like a party. Simply because we formed a group very quickly and everyone on set got along very well. All I can say is it was the best shoot I’ve ever had.”

She is “happy”, but that was certainly not the “end”…

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