“Tastes of Victory” – Gaming streamer DrDisrespect releases $65 bourbon, sells out in 2 hours

Gaming YouTuber Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm (40) has built up an image over the years as a tough macho streamer who once won a meaningless video game contest 30 years ago and still lives off his fame. And what is missing to complete the monster mustache, the gigantic ego and the sunglasses? A custom bourbon. The $65 bottle was snatched from his hands.

This is Guy Beahm:

  • Guy Beahm was pretty shattered in 2016: he’d just quit his job as a developer at Call of Duty, lived in a cramped corner with his wife and newborn child, and saw drugs being sold on the street outside. He started his career as a full-time streamer.
  • Today, 6 years later, Guy Beahm is not just a streamer, he is a master of branding and marketing himself. With “DrDisrespect,” the former Call of Duty developer has created an artificial character with its own backstory and image. Not even a catastrophic career setback could alter his success.
  • But now he’s launched a new type of bourbon as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV.
DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – His spell remains a big secret to this day

DrDisrespect shares video – website collapses under the attack

This was the new action: A new product, a bourbon whiskey, was unveiled yesterday, 17/11, via a website video. The drink is called Black Steel Bourbon.

The bottle cost $65.

DrDisrespect shared the Bourbon Page’s post via his Twitter account, and in a short period of time it was viewed nearly a million times. In fact, he said the site couldn’t handle the attack and crashed.

The news came after 2 hours: the bourbon is already completely sold out. The “launch day was a success – the taste of victory has only just begun” (via twitter).

It is unknown how many bottles were sold.

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Whiskey is distilled by a master distiller

What kind of whiskey is this? The “Black Steel” is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with 93 Proof. That equates to about 46.5% ABV – so it’s strong stuff.

“Bourbon” is a special whiskey that was originally distilled in Kentucky. It is made with a minimum of 51% corn and aged in charred oak barrels. Even today, the major bourbon distilleries are in Kentucky and Tennessee. The most famous brands of bourbon whiskey are: Jim Beam (Kentucky) and Jack Daniel’s (Tennessee).

Said to be made by an “award-winning master distiller,” the bourbon has a “smooth yet recognizable wild flavor.” There are hints of green apple, vanilla and citrus along with hints of charred wood and sweet grains.

As the Whiskeyraiders website knows, the whiskey was distilled by Marianne Eaves, the first female master distiller since Prohibition. She has probably been working on the brand since May, the whiskey site knows.

DrDisrespect’s mustache is crooked: maybe because many Twitch streamers are making a lot of money on YouTube right now – just not him

DrDisrespect had already announced in November 2021 to launch such a drink.

Black Steel explicitly promotes Guy Beahm and his alter ego DrDisrespect. It is said that his obsession with whiskey and winning led him to create the most delicious whisky: So Taste Victory.

This is behind it: Alcohol is advertised practically only through the image and the story these days: Run tastes like revolution and piracy, gin is noble, comes from nature and is rooted in the homeland, whiskey is something for the hard-working man who carries the world on his shoulders.

Actually, it is obvious that the streamer, who has always told the best story about himself, has a lot of success with that.

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