Table tennis world cup in China: German men after catching up in semi-finals

Status: 07.10.2022 10:43 am

It was a younger of all people who turned things around: Kay Stumper led the German table tennis team to a quarter-final win against France at the World Cup in China.

After a strong catching up race, the German table tennis men are in the semi-finals of the World Team Championships in Chengdu/China and have already won a medal. In the quarter-finals on Friday (7 October 2022), national coach Jörg Roßkopf’s team defeated France 3-2 after trailing 0-2. In the battle for participation in the final, the selection of the German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) will meet South Korea on Saturday.

“Bravo, men!”

“All I can think of is: Bravo, guys! That was an incredible team performance. I’m especially happy for this team that they believed in victory until the end and were rewarded for it,” said DTTB president Claudia Herweg after the twelfth A German men’s team reached the semi-finals at a World Cup (6xsilver, 5xbronze).

After the hard-fought semi-finals, Roßkopf was happy with a “super performance. It’s crazy that we have a medal, but we want to continue with the team.” However, South Korea is a “really tough opponent”.

Younger Stumper initiates turnaround

Benedikt Duda and European singles champion Dang Qiu initially lost their first singles match before 19-year-old Kay Stumper started the turnaround with his 3-1 win over Jules Rolland. Dang Qiu then equalized.

In the decisive game, Duda kept his spirits up and defeated Felix Lebrun 3-0. As with the 2018 World Team Championships in Halmstad, Germany again reached the round of the last four – four years ago, the German roster had won silver at the end.

“It was amazing”

“It’s sport,” said 28-year-old Duda. “It was a heavy defeat at the beginning and I was angry with myself. But I knew: we will come back and I will get our fifth game. Nobody likes to play when the score is 2-2. But I knew: The momentum is on our side. side, the French are a little bruised. The ending was great.”

“Everyone is incredibly strong”

“Germany should never be underestimated, whichever team we come with. We have a very strong squad. All four players are incredibly strong,” said Dang Qiu. give everything.”

In China, the German team will have to do without their long-standing guarantees of success, Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov (after injuries), as well as young father Patrick Franziska. The trio had won Olympic silver with the team in 2021.

Regroup teams

The course of this World Cup reflects the development in international table tennis. Many teams are repositioning for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Especially in Europe, young players like Dang Qiu with his European title, the Swede Truls Möregardh with second place in the individual world championships or the Lebrun brothers are causing a stir. Also in the semi-final opponent South Korea, four out of five players are not older than 24 years. Only the hosts and top favorites China have the individual world champion Fan Zhendong and the individual Olympic champion Ma Long at the table.

Women on Friday in semi-final against Japan

In Chengdu, too, German women are leading the way. The team of national coach Tamara Boros will compete in the semi-final (1.30 pm CEST) against Olympic silver medalist Japan on Friday for their first place in the final after the war. Bronze is already certain regardless of the result. It is already the first World Cup medal for a German women’s team since bronze in Moscow in 2010.

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