Superpower 3 is hated like almost no other strategy game

A complex modern geopolitical simulation where you lead your country through many setbacks to success. That should be Superpower 3. As it stands, the strategy game has hardly been able to convince anyone so far. After its recent release on Steam, Superpower 3 is almost exclusively negatively reviewed there. What went wrong?

Disappointment across the board

Until the publication of this article received the game 712 reviews, of which only 8 percent rated the game positive. Superpower 3 is clearly struggling with technical and content problems:

  • Bugs and other errors: Most reviewers agree that Superpower 3 in its current state was not ready for release. Numerous bugs would make it impossible to complete missions or just use sliders. In addition, many textures are likely to be faulty and there are always delays and performance drops.
  • What does the game actually offer? Superpower 3 is also sharply criticized in terms of content. Many players even see a step backwards from the 2004 predecessor. What is missing is depth, the effects of political decisions and other content that you would expect from a global strategy game. It is impossible to improve relations with other countries, build military buildings or train more than one unit at a time. The economy probably lacks the complexity advertised in trailers:

Superpower 3: The mega strategy game explains its economy


Superpower 3: The mega strategy game explains its economy

That’s what the players say

How incredibly disappointed longtime fans of the series are with the new game can be seen in some of the reviews. For example, Steam user Philipp writes:

I haven’t looked forward to a game this much in ages and was so disappointed because of it. Why start a sequel to a good game after such a long time and then half-heartedly implement it?

BinaryDoom, on the other hand, explains in more detail what exactly disappointed him about the game:

There is no content, the user interface is broken and it is impossible to improve relations with other countries. Even if it were possible, it would be undetectable. […] I really wanted to like this game, I set my expectations low and somehow I was still hugely disappointed.

Other reviewers also noted the lack of content, such as Potti 74, for whom Superpower just feels empty:

You sit down, change something and then see if and which numbers change. You have the feeling of being all alone, no active interaction, no political actions and most importantly no feedback on your own actions! What did my change mean? What influences what and to what extent?

I once invested $1,000,000 in corn. what happens to it? What’s the point? Eritrea is starving. I wanted to export $10,000,000 worth of meat – was rejected as “not necessary”.

Nimlod also sees the fact that one’s own decisions remain meaningless:

It’s just broken and a lot of things don’t make sense here. Best example: you can declare all laws, parties and elections illegal and invalid with one click and nobody cares

The few positive reviews Above all, they see the potential of the game, even though many recognize its flaws. This way initial bugs and issues can be fixed and essentially a good game here.

Our author Reiner Hauser also tried the Superpower 3, which initially seemed promising to him, and came to the devastating conclusion that nothing here makes sense or fun:

I've never seen such a strategy game


super power 3

I’ve never seen such a strategy game

sad records

Superpower 3 is one of the most hated games on Steam with 92 percent negative reviews so far. At number 41, it’s rated worse than almost any other strategy game to date, surpassed only by exceptions like Rollercoaster Tycoon World, which also disappointed players and critics with a catastrophic release:

Rollercoaster Tycoon World - Test Video: Zombie Parade in the Slide Projector


Rollercoaster Tycoon World – Test Video: Zombie Parade in the Slide Projector

It remains to be seen whether Superpower 3 will be able to get out of this unfortunate situation with quick updates and major improvements. However, with the basic elements heavily criticized and the game seemingly lacking in pretty much everything, that could be extremely difficult.

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