Super People as a new battle royale shooter with super soldiers

from Sarah Petzold
A new shooter currently mixing the Battle Royale genre on Steam: Super People is very trendy and inspires with a special skill system. This is apparently so well received that the title is currently clearing the Steam charts.

You’d think the battle royale shooter boom is now dead, but Super People is currently proving the opposite on Steam. The new title caused a real boom after its release on October 8, 2022 and is now number 1 on the Steam trends by a wide margin.

Unique skills as a unique selling point

Today, October 11, 2022, Super People peaked with nearly 27,800 concurrent players online. Meanwhile, the trend continues to rise, lifting the shooter to number 23 of the most played titles on Valve’s online platform. In the list of top sellers, Super People is currently in 14th place.

Although the title follows the typical Battle Royale principle and is set on an island with a shrinking arena radius, the developers emphasize the superpowers of the playable heroes as a unique selling point: we slip into the role of one of twelve different super soldiers, each with special abilities.

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Fans criticize the in-game store

During each game, we have the opportunity to improve our character and finally unlock an ultimate ability that can bring the all-important victory on the battlefield. Through a crafting system, we can also craft special weapons and equipment to dominate our enemies.

Overall, the gameplay delights fans on Steam, who especially praise the map design, weapon balance, and locomotion of the playable characters. Despite this, Super People currently only gets a balanced rating (61 percent positive ratings) because the in-game store annoys fans. Whether the developers make improvements here could affect the long-term success of the title.

Source: SteamDB

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