Summer house reunion escalates – all against Stephen Dürr and Katharina

Summer house reunion escalates – all against Stephen Dürr and Katharina

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From: Jonas Erbas


At the end of the current “Summer House of the Stars” season is the big reunion. The Zoff from the RTL show entered the next round there. Stephen and Katharina Dürr in particular would have received harsh criticism.

Cologne – “The Summer House of the Stars” did not disappoint the expectations of RTL viewers of the reality format again this year: there was fierce bickering, bullying and fighting – the fans were even allowed to part ways in front of the camera thanks to Eric Sindermann’s (34) relationship dispute with Experience ex-girlfriend Katha (27). Well, after the 7th season there was a big reunion, in which Stephen (48) and Katharina Dürr (39) in particular were dealt with hard.

‘Summer House of the Stars’ reunion escalates – Stephen Dürr takes on Mario Basler

For the time being, the last meeting of this year’s “Summer House of the Stars” candidates will only be shown by RTL after the TV broadcast of the final, but thanks to an insider, he would have found out in advance what the public will see at the big reunion. In the run-up there should have been an agreement between a few participants in which they decided who they would go for – including the Dürrs!

Stephen Dürr despairs in the
Stephen and Katharina Dürr already went into the abyss several times in the “Summer House of the Stars” and sometimes went through a difficult time. But the excitement didn’t stop there: at the big reunion, the other candidates focused on the couple (photomontage) © Screenshot/RTL/RTL+/Das Sommerhaus der Stars & RTL/RTL+

Separately, we went to the shooting, where not only Eric Sindermann’s misconduct was discussed, but Stephen and Katharina were also quite blown away. Until then, the conversations had usually been “fair”, according to a production employee in relation to the tabloid, but in the end the 48-year-old actor and summer home nemesis Mario Basler (53) would have come to blows: “The two were at each other’s hair ( ..) Basler saw himself as a more important personality, said he had been a national player. Dürr defended himself against this. Basler went crazy.”

Would you like a holiday in the “summer house of the stars”?

When “The Summer House of the Stars” is not filmed in the farm in Bocholt, you can actually rent the house that has been used as the backdrop for the RTL show since 2020. Built in 1906, the house is actually much cozier than the couple’s size would suggest. Because in order not to make it too easy for celebrities, an RTL team prepares the accommodation accordingly with cuddly toys or dirty dishes. The summer house itself can be booked from 80 euros per night. With a well-known rating portal, the house in Westmünsterland is not doing so badly with 7.1 out of 10 points.

Stephen Dürr insulted at the “Summer House of the Stars” meeting – “It was pure bullying”

Stephen Dürr was actually relatively little guilty of the “Summer House of the Stars”. But his relaxed, sometimes arrogant demeanor apparently made the camel overflow: The former “Unter Uns” actor had to endure fierce hostility (“Dick”, “sneaky”) before his Katharina intervened – but in vain: “She was almost screamed to the ground by the others, it was pure bullying”, is the quoted production worker.

“The fact that there was no fighting borders on a miracle!” concludes the insider. RTL icon Frauke Ludowig (58), who moderated the summer house reunion, had to intervene more given the heated atmosphere, it is said. Meanwhile, other candidates drew their own conclusions after the RTL show: “Bauer sucht Frau” star Antonia (22) announced a “settlement” after the misconduct of Patrick Romer (26) in the summer house. Used sources:,, “The summer house of the stars” (RTL/RTL+; season 7)

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