“Summer House of the Stars”: Antonia Responds to TV Humiliation

Antonia is repeatedly humiliated by her own boyfriend in the ‘summer house’.photo: Rtl

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As the current “summer home” season nears its finale, Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer are the couple making the most headlines, but for unpleasant reasons. The farmer constantly humiliates his girlfriend in front of the cameras and also in front of the other participants, including body shaming. In the current episode, the farmer’s disgusting behavior takes on a new dimension when he asks the blonde in the morning, “Can you please brush your teeth? You stink!”

As Antonia already clarified on Instagram, she is still with Patrick after the shoot – although the relationship in the “summer house” leaves a very toxic impression. The model is currently receiving a lot of messages from high-reach people trying to educate her about her love life, and she doesn’t like it at all. That’s why she now shared her story vigorously.

Antonia refuses to exploit their relationship

Shortly before the final of the ‘summer house’, Antonia makes a longer statement on Instagram. “Patrick’s behavior in the ‘summer house’ was unforgivable for a few moments, but you know what’s worse? What’s been going on here for a few episodes on Instagram and Tiktok,” laments the 22-year-old.

Antonia Hemmer is currently being lectured by many people on social media about their relationship.  She doesn't like that at all.

Antonia Hemmer is currently being lectured by many people on social media about their relationship. She doesn’t like that at all.photo: antonia_hemmer/instagram

Immediately afterwards she makes it clear who and what she means by that. “I don’t mean the viewers of the show, who pour out their hearts every day and want to give me tips. But the accounts, some of which have a million followers here or come from film and television themselves. These people in particular should know best how annoying it is when someone else is constantly judging you and your relationship.

“These people who would also sell their mother for a ‘Promiflash’ item,” Antonia adds, and that’s not all:

“Disgusting, you’re just disgusting.”

Everyone can make their own judgment about Patrick in the “summer house”, it does not need the Insta stories of the addressed people. “Words can’t describe the way you sometimes talk about Patrick or our relationship”finds the former “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate – before starting to defend her relationship with clear words.

No “Summer House” curse on Patrick and Antonia

Antonia reaffirms: “We love each other, we are a happy couple and that doesn’t change an Insta story, comment or message from you either”. The two would “realize their mistakes” and work on the relationship together. “I also see a lot through the charisma that I can’t stand anymore,” she also explains. So, in any case, the participation in the “summer house” was very educational for the couple.

Patrick and Antonia are still in a long-distance relationship, the next meeting will take place next week. Then there should be more insight into the show. Antonia promises a “detailed explanation video on all the topics in the ‘summer house’, plus accounting”.

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