Successfully managing teams according to the Margerison-McCann system

Successfully managing teams according to the Margerison-McCann system

Why are some teams successful and others not? That is the question of the two management researchers Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr. Dick McCann. They discovered the phenomenon of work preferences and investigated in which areas and in what ways these preferences contribute to the success of teams.

The research project resulted in the Team Management System (TMS), which is one of the best-known team tools in the world today. It helps agile teams get back on their feet quickly by empowering them to act and enabling better performance in the long run. Marc Tscheuschner, for whom it has already become second nature, presents the central findings of this method. Tscheuschner is director of the TMS training center for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has been using and implementing TMS successfully for years.

  • It takes many activities to be successful – eight to be exact.
  • Know yourself – how do you contribute to the success of the team? Where are you going?
  • The entire work process at a glance: Who is the best asset for which project?
  • Recognize blind spots in the team. Best in the beginning.
  • Coaching – team – organization: Application areas of the team management profile

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TeamUp! 2022: Findings of the Team Management System (TMS) according to Margerison-McCann (Marc Tscheuschner)

Marc Cheuschner

Marc Cheuschner

Dipl.-Oec., is the managing director of Team Management Services GmbH. As an education and master trainer, he trains managers, trainers, coaches and HR professionals in the tools of the team management system. In addition to supporting the TMS network of over 3,000 coaches and trainers in D – A – CH, he currently works for teams from the likes of BCG, Boehringer Ingelheim, BTC, dSPACE, EWE, Parsionate and Vector Informatik.

Conference Team Up!, October 26, 2022 (Online)

Conference Team Up!, October 26, 2022 (Online)

On October 26, 2022, the online conference “Team Up!” new impulses for successful team development – because teams do not develop by themselves, as is the motto of the one-day specialist event. A selection from the program:

  • psychological safety as the key to successful teams
  • Team developers develop themselves
  • team dynamics recognize, understand, change
  • alternative retrospectives
  • leadership teams are different!
  • Big Five for Live

Questions about questions – here are the answers

Successful team development is reflected in observable behavioral changes: team members suddenly dare to tackle problems openly and ask others for support. Or at the Daily Standup Meeting everyone is always on time: how do you achieve that? What does it take? How can the new behavior be anchored in the long term?

There are proven solutions to many of these questions, which are central to the online event. Designated experts demonstrate proven ways for teams to clearly define and implement their goals. The field reports deal, among other things, with the question of how to arrive at solutions that suit the team in question. Further information can be found on the website.

form a team addresses:

  • Executives who want to develop their teams sustainably
  • Responsible in project teams
  • Employees of HR and Human Resources Departments
  • (Agile) Coaches & Consultants
  • Scrum & Kanban & … masters


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