“Subject is perfectly clear”: Boldt with a clear statement on the Walter contract

This departure was the crown on the good first half of the season. Accompanied by a storm of cheers, the HSV professionals marched into the dressing room after the 4-2 win over Sandhausen. Halfway through the season, 34 points and second place serve as a good basis for the hoped-for promotion. But when can whoever has to lead HSV to the top sign his new contract?

Tim Walter was relieved when he left the lawn of the Volkspark for the last time this year. With cheers on his lips, he entered the catacombs and smashed a water bottle into relief on the floor. “I’m very happy, everything had to go,” the coach explained and also confessed in view of the quarrels in the HSV management committees: “The preliminary round was intense, not only what happened in the team, but also around it. “

HSV: Walter contract extension depends on the supervisory board

Wouter knows what he is talking about. Because he himself will feel the inner turmoil within HSV. The extension of his contract, which expires in the summer, depends on the supervisory board. Board member Jonas Boldt, who himself hopes for a new contract and who depends on the enthusiasm of the councilors, is now putting renewed pressure on the inspectors. “The coaching topic is perfectly clear to me,” said the 40-year-old. “Other people have to approve it now. At least I decided on my part.” And further: “I think the people who are here see what we’re playing here and what we’ve moved over the past few months.”

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Actually, Walter has given enough arguments for a contract extension. One can turn his nose up because of his sometimes too inquisitive nature and also accuse him of a certain resistance to advice. But the facts speak for him. No other second division team achieved 11 preliminaries. HSV stands for attacking, dominant football. The fans accept the fun football, 55,246 spectators came against Sandhausen, the most nameless club in the league. The giant average of 50,627 is also thanks to Walter.

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When he can sign is still open and probably also depends on Boldt’s fate. Most recently, there were signals from the supervisory board that they wanted to discuss both contracts intensively before the new board was formed in December (the date of the general meeting is still open). After the strong end of the first half of the season, there are actually no more arguments to deviate from this plan.

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