Student (17) raises 27,000 euros: This photo is worth a small car! | Regional

Student (17) raises 27,000 euros |

This picture is worth a small car!

Stuttgart – While the world was standing still due to the corona pandemic, Adrian (17) from Constance had an idea. The 17-year-old has always been passionate about art and wanted to do something good with his hobby!

“During the first lockdown, I was only 15 years old. Shops and sports clubs suddenly had to close and I had a lot of time to look for a new job. I’ve always loved photography, art and fashion, so I deepened my passion and started editing photos of athletes,” he told BILD.

Adrian edits recordings of professional athletes

The high school graduate selects photos of professional athletes as the motif. A complicated editing process follows. The photos of the athletes are printed out in large format, after which Adrian processes them with tweezers and pastes real and fake banknotes over the photos. Then comes digitization.

The student also portrayed professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko (46) in weeks of work

Photo: private

Always with you: patience – because the hobby requires hours of detailed work and attention to detail!

The proceeds of the photos will be donated

“I need about 20 hours for the masking. It’s exhausting, but I enjoy it. The whole process, including digitization, can take up to 4 months. But the time is worth it: there are four prints of each photo, one I keep and the other three are sold. The original photo was signed by the athlete and auctioned for charity,” Adrian told BILD.

To reproduce as many colors as possible, the 17-year-old uses banknotes from all over the world. One detail is especially important for the sports enthusiast: the professional athletes all get the same skin color, because the sport should unite them and make their origin a minor matter.

And the work pays off! At the student’s request, professional skier Felix Neureuther (38) signed his photo. The two decide to auction the artwork at the EAGLES Presidents Cup.

With success: the artwork found a new owner for no less than 27,000 euros!

Adrian to BILD: “I donated the 27,000 euros to the Felix Neureuther Foundation. It was important for me to support young athletes because young athletes were extremely limited by the pandemic. The proceeds from my auctioned photos go either to the foundations of the athletes or to foundations that we choose together in advance.”

And the next pictures of the student are already being planned… included: a famous German swimmer!

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