Street Art in Stuttgart: Dancers conquer the city – Stuttgart

The dancers of the group “Floor LegndZ” show their skills in front of the Königsbau in Stuttgart. Photo: Lichtgut/Julian Rettig

Dancers show their skills in Stuttgart, Ukrainian fashion designers exhibit their clothes in the Gerber: there was a lot to see on the street art in Stuttgart on Saturday.

There doesn’t seem to be an up and down. Everything is going so fast that you don’t even know where to watch the performance of “Floor LegndZ” in front of the Königsbau in Stuttgart.

More and more people stop and interrupt their shopping to watch the four young men conjure up a mixture of break dancing, BMX tricks and comedy in the street. The group is part of the third edition of Stuttgart Street Art, an event format of the City Initiative Stuttgart (CIS), which brings the public space in the city to life between 12:00 and 20:00.

Majed Mehyi also loves this moment when the world gets out of balance for him. The trained dance teacher has been part of the company for five years and just plunges headlong into the fun. He props himself on the ground with only one hand and swings his legs seemingly weightlessly through the air. You need a lot of patience, technique and body awareness to master breakdance. But not only the acrobatics, also the dancing, the fluid connection of different flips and steps is important.

Dance intermezzos inspire the spectators

The exact, often synchronous sequence of steps, which makes you appear cool and casual, is also an important part of the performance of the hip-hop groups at dance school “Tanzkraftwerk”. They inspire the audience with sophisticated choreographies. The free entertainment program in the city also included performances by the magician Daniel Zürn, the stilt walker “Mystique” and the comedy duo “Die Pedaleros”.

Also worth seeing this Saturday was the collection of Ukrainian fashion designers, who were able to present their creations for the first time on a 250 square meter site in the Gerber. Special was the children’s fashion with handmade pompoms that were sewn into transparent skirt seams. Most of the profits are donated to the organization “SOS Ukraine” among others.

Inna Schuldeschov, who runs an online store that sells Ukrainian fashion, hopes this will help designers survive economically in their home country. The project is also supported by Nelly Sigmann, who was named Mrs. Baden-Württemberg in 2021. “I myself fled because of the Bosnian war and I know how the women feel,” Sigmann says.

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