Steff Jerkel: After Divorcing Peggy, He Shares Touching Lines

Steff Jerkel
He shares touching lines with Peggy

Steff Jerkel

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The divorce of Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke was a shock to the fans of “Goodbye Germany”. Now the TV emigrant is posting an emotional post in which he thanks his ex-partner for the years together.

On Friday, November 11, 2022, Stephan “Steff” Jerkel, 53, and Peggy Jerofke, 46, announced their separation after 24 years of relationship. “We fought for a long time and really tried everything … It is no longer possible”, Steff said in tears in the RTL interview. The “Goodbye Germany” star now reaffirms in a touching Instagram post how much love takes him away and that he still appreciates Peggy.

Steff Jerkel: ‘It will be so difficult without you’

The 53-year-old posted a video featuring footage of him and Peggy with their daughter Josephine, 4. The words “Thank you Peggy” flash through the clip over and over. “Thank you for everything you’ve given me, taught me and given up for me. We’ve spent 25!! years together. Who’s going to make it today? [sic]Starts the TV face and adds, ‘We had such a crazy life together. Hardly anyone would believe our stories. You’ve always been my resting pulse, my balance. It’s going to be so hard without you.”

Steff Jerkel goes on to say that Peggy is a wonderful person and an incredible mother. He will also be eternally grateful that she was able to give him Josephine after a long unfulfilled childhood wish: “No one who does not have a child knows what kind of bond and feelings they are. Thank goodness you were so stubborn [sic]As for the reason for the divorce, the Majorcan of choice is thoughtful and ends his touching post with the following words: “I don’t know exactly when and where we lost each other, but I am terrified. I thought with us 100 percent of the eternity I will always be there for you. […] We will be forever connected by Josephine and everything we do now must be for her. Thanks for everything Peggy. [sic]”A touching tribute to his long-standing relationship that should not only touch his fans, but also Peggy.

That’s what Peggy Jerofke said about the love affair

While Steff had to pull himself together again and again in the breakup interview, Peggy seemed more composed. “We’re different types, we’ve always been. Steff was like ‘always something new,’ I’m the down-to-earth one. But lately we’ve noticed that we’ve been going in other directions,” said the 46-year-old. In addition, the ex-couple explained that Josephine was not yet aware of the divorce and would mainly live with Peggy. Steff Jerkel now makes it clear that the four-year-old can count on both parents in the future.

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