Spider Horror Train Sim on Steam: Choo-Choo-Charles has a release date

from Sarah Petzold
Anyone who has always wanted to play a train simulator combined with a horror game will soon have the chance to do so with Choo-Choo-Charles. The developer of the strange horror title has revealed the final release date of its game.

The evil twin of Thomas the Engine is terrorizing our house and we have to stop him – this is about the starting situation in the open world horror game Choo-Choo-Charles. The indie title, which the developer describes as “blood, carnage and people being eaten alive by a spider train”, now has a definite release date.

Gameplay trailer shows how crazy the game looks

As the developer of Two Star Games announced, Choo-Choo-Charles will be released on Steam on December 9, 2022. Our task in the game is to kill the bloodthirsty monster Charles, a monster who, like a mixture of a train and a spider, terrifies the inhabitants of the game world. The developer presented exactly what this looks like in a gameplay trailer:

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To finish Charles off, we get into our own little platoon, which is only equipped with a machine gun at the start of the game. We travel by train around the island where we are and do missions for local residents or collect scrap to upgrade our locomotive. We have to be constantly on our guard not to get eaten by Charles.

Incidentally, Choo-Choo-Charles comes from the solo developer Gavin Eisenbeisz, who claims to only want to publish his game for the PC for the time being. According to him, a release as a console version is not excluded – so if you want to experience the horror game on Playstation or Xbox, you can hope.

Source: Steam, Eurogamer

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