Speed ​​Skating World Cup in Stavanger: First World Cup win for Felix Rijhnen

Status: 11/13/2022 6:19 PM

Felix Rijhnen celebrated his first World Cup win at the end of the Speed ​​Skating World Cup in Stavanger. The 32-year-old won the mass start race.

The long-distance runner leaving for Frankfurt/Main, from Inline skating comes, dislodged the Austrian Gabriel Odor and the Dutchman in the mass start race Bart Hoolwerf on the track and celebrated his first World Cup victory, for which he took home 60 World Cup points. It was also the first World Cup victory for a German athlete in a mass start race.

His teammate Felix Maly (Erfurt) was also eighth in the top ten.

German skater Felix Rijhnen

“I showed that I can be counted on”

“It’s a bit surprising that things are going so well early in the season”said the 32-year-old Rijhnenwho already made his debut in the A group over the 5,000 meters “quite Merry used to be. “I showed that you can count on me when the conditions are right”said Rijhnenwho already participated in the World Cup in last season Calgary with third place in the mass start and also in the summer Inline skating The self-confidence fed, among other things, with the second place in the Berlin marathon.

“All or nothing” tactic works

“It was an exciting weekend for me. At the first World Cup you never know exactly where you stand. Yesterday my first start in the A group over the five kilometers straight to the top ten, I was very satisfied with that. Today has it gotten any better?he said happily after the race.

And he described it this way: “My motto was ‘all or nothing’ and today it worked. I got away with the Austrian. We worked well together until two and a half laps before the end, then I put my heart in my hands and with everything left had been attacked.”

National coach Kuiper: ‘A huge moment’

“Of course it was a surprise, because we are not very good at sprinting”said national coach Geert Kuiper. So wanted Rijhnen escaped and ran 14 laps ahead of the field, along with Austrian Gabriel Odor, who eventually finished second.

He launched the attack at the right time and that was a huge momentlike that Cooper further.

Notable successes for Klein and Pechstein

Moritz Klein from Erfurt finished eleventh in the A-final in the 1,000 meters and collected his first World Cup points this winter. With a time of 1:10.16 minutes he was 1.43 seconds behind the winner Jordan Pride (US) fell back and missed one by 17 hundredths of a second top ten-Rank.

German skater Moritz Klein

rear Pridewho also won the 1,500 meters on Friday, came the Canadian Laurent Dubreuil (+0.49 seconds) and Japan’s Ryota Kojima (+0.59) in second and third place.

Claudia Pechstein also finished 11th in the 16-lap mass start – a respectable result. Almost nine months after finishing ninth in this discipline at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the 50-year-old Berliner recovered with an eleventh place for her 16th place at the start over 3,000 meters. When the Canadian wins Ivanie Blond Michelle Uhrig (Berlin) took 14th place.

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