Speed ​​camera warning available from Amazon at a ridiculous price

The Ooono Co-Driver uses the Blitzer.de database. With the push of a button, the community reports new speed cameras. If enough users have reported the same speed camera, it will appear in the database. In this way you also warn other drivers.

The data and the current location come from the smartphone. The warning device is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and the accompanying app knows where the next speed camera is.

When you approach a reported speed camera or a hazardous area, it beeps and the LEDs on the device light up. The Warner works on a button cell and therefore does not require any additional power supply or cables. You can attach the device flexibly in the car by means of an adhesive film on the back.

As soon as you get into the car, the co-driver automatically connects to your mobile phone and is ready for the journey.

Is the Prime Day offer worth it?

The Ooono Co-Driver is an extension of the speed camera apps on the mobile phone. Thanks to the community, the device should provide reliable alerts and access the necessary data and location from the mobile phone. So it can protect against expensive traffic fines. Today you save 10 euros on the RRP.

Please note that use as a speed camera detector is not permitted in Germany. Use is therefore at your own risk.

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