Small circle celebration: Charles celebrates his first birthday without the Queen

Party in a small circle
Charles celebrates first birthday without the Queen

An eventful year is coming to an end for King Charles: today the British royal family celebrates its first birthday without his mother. Kate and William, of course, congratulate on the 74th anniversary. Nothing is known about congratulations from the US.

King Charles III celebrates his 74th birthday today, November 14. It is his first birthday as reigning king following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September. Palace circles said Charles spent the holiday privately.

As part of this special day, the palace has released a new photo of the monarch. The photo can also be seen on the Royals’ official Instagram account. It shows King Charles III. Leaning against an old tree with a walking stick. Charles is now the official forest ranger of Windsor Great Parks, 70 years after his late father took over the title, the accompanying commentary reads. Prince Philip held the office from 1952 until his death last year.

The palace also shared a short clip on Instagram. In the video, a band can be seen and heard playing “Happy Birthday” as part of a changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace for the King’s birthday. There were also numerous congratulations from followers of the royal family on social media.

Congratulations from Kate and William

Earlier Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, had already congratulated. For a photo showing the smiling king, it read the couple’s official Twitter profile: “I wish His Majesty the King a happy birthday.” In a story on the Instagram profile of the two, the photo was shared with the same congratulations. And also on the royal family’s Twitter account, the palace wished all the best – again for a photo showing Charles smiling.

Nothing has been reported about congratulations from Harry and Meghan to Charles. Instead, the Daily Mail reported that the two Sussexes declined the traditional invitation to Christmas at Sandringham Castle, preferring to stay in the United States. “It is unlikely they will be present,” a source close to the king told the newspaper. This celebration should therefore also take place in a smaller circle.

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