Skiing in Austria: cost shock for winter sports enthusiasts

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From: Patrick Freiwah


Bad news for skiers: inflation also affects winter sports in Austria. © Photo Booth/Friday/Image

Those who want to go skiing in Austria will have to dig deeper into their pockets in the future. Due to the energy crisis, the costs for winter sports in Germany’s neighboring countries are in some cases enormous.

Vienna – This bad news hits German (and other) winter sports enthusiasts: due to the energy crisis and the accompanying inflation, skiing in Austria now has to sink deeper into their pockets. In Austrian ski resorts alone, ski lift ticket prices have risen by more than 10 percent in some places.

In several regions, cable car representatives expect an average increase in costs of about eight percent for the winter before the start of the 2022/23 winter season, the APA news agency reported. However, according to industry representative Franz Hörl of the Chamber of Commerce, this increase would still be below the current inflation rate. According to this data, consumer prices in the Alpine Republic in September were 10.5 percent above the values ​​of the previous year.

Skiing in Tyrol: First Corona, now the energy crisis – prices are rising significantly

St. Anton in Tyrol is the largest contiguous ski area in all of Austria. In the winter sports mecca, the day pass costs 67 instead of 61 euros. Ticket prices in the popular winter sports resorts in the Salzburger Land also increase by between 6.5 and 11 percent. “After two years of pandemic, current energy costs are the next challenge for the ski areas,” explains Helmut Holzinger, head of the Hinterstoder and Wurzeralm mountain railways (Upper Austria). However, he explains that the higher ski costs are still “not being passed on to customers one-to-one”. Here the subscription is 8 percent more expensive.

In addition to the price increases, ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland are setting up other stops to combat the energy crisis:

Skiing in Austria: further measures without “clouding the holiday experience of the guests”

In addition to the price increases for the use of ski lifts, cable car operators are planning further steps to save energy and therefore money: for example, by making their systems run a little slower. However, it is difficult to take measures without spoiling the holiday experience of the guests, explains industry representative Hörl. He mentions turning off the heated seats in the elevators or restrictions on night skiing and the necessary floodlighting systems as steps that are more difficult to perform.

Even the famous hometown of Kitzbühel is not spared the consequences of the energy crisis: the chic ski resort wants to take action against wealthy energy wasters. (PF with dpa material)

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