Seriously injured Victor Steeman: Huge condolences / World Supersport Championship 300

Victor Steeman (22) is in mortal danger after his fall at the Supersport 300 World Championship in Portimao, the worst is to be expected. His fate moves many people around the world.

The first race of the World Supersport 300 Championship last Saturday at the Autodromo do Algarve near Portimao was stopped immediately after Victor Steeman’s highside at Turn 14 on the third lap so that the badly injured Dutchman could be treated by doctors in the gravel bed.

Victor suffered a serious head injury, was placed in an artificial coma and flown by helicopter to Faro Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery Saturday night to relieve pressure on his swollen brain.

Of course, his fellow drivers noticed that this was no ordinary accident. Despite this, everyone participated in the restart, Dirk Geiger from Mannheim managed to win his first race in the world championship.

“We have a switch in our head and we run our races,” Geiger explained to, how he handles such an extreme situation. “The risk is always there, it could have been me too, to whom something like this happens, in such a large group. So you turn off your head and give everything. When bad news comes, it is difficult in the days or weeks that follow but depending on the type you process it relatively quickly or it takes time At this point I wish my friend Victor the best that he keep fighting and make it I know him well something like that hits you hard This incident once show more the dark side of our sport.”

Since Saturday, motorsport fans around the world have been keeping their fingers crossed for Victor Steeman and sending well wishes via social networks.

But the 22-year-old vice world champion is in imminent mortal danger and the worst can be expected at any moment. When he fell, Steeman twisted his brain stem, which goes into the spinal cord. The core areas of cranial nerves 3 to 12 run through the brainstem. With such injuries, even the best doctors quickly reach their limits with their skills.

“We all think about Victor, he drove for us for two years and we have grown to love him very much,” said KTM team principal Carsten Freudenberg. “We are very close to him and his parents and wish him a speedy recovery. That he’s strong and somehow trying to get through. We keep our fingers crossed for him and are deeply affected.”

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