Serious allegations against the Hollywood star: Warren Beatty accused of sexually abusing entertainment

Serious allegations against the Hollywood star |

Warren Beatty accused of sexual assault

Serious accusations against one of Hollywood’s most famous actors!

Oscar winner Warren Beatty, 85, was accused by a woman of forcing her into sexual activity as a teenager decades ago, reports “The New York Times”.

American Kristina Charlotte Hirsch describes the allegations in a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. It says that she met the actor on a movie set in 1973, when she was 14.

Beatty is not named in the lawsuit, which contains a detailed description of the actor. The defendant “acted on television and in several Hollywood films, including the role of Clyde in ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ a blockbuster that earned the defendant an Oscar nomination for best actor,” it reads, an obvious nod to Beatty. By 1973, the defendant had achieved wealth, prestige and power as a result of his career and movie stardom.

Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrows in Bonny and Clyde (1967). The film brought the actor his breakthrough

Photo: photo alliance / dpa

According to the lawsuit, Hirsch, who now lives in Louisiana, alleges that Beatty initially gave her “inappropriate attention,” commenting on her appearance, and giving her his phone number. She goes on to claim that Beatty invited her to his hotel and took her on car rides. Initially, the plaintiff understood the situation as a romantic relationship, the lawsuit continues.

The relationship between the teenager and the actor, who was then around 35, continued and took on sexual traits, according to the lawsuit. According to the indictment, he “used his position and status as an adult and Hollywood movie star to coerce the plaintiff into sexual activity on multiple occasions, including oral sex and ultimately forced intercourse with the underage child.” Due to the psychological, mental and emotional burden, the plaintiff is now seeking damages.

Warren Beatty is best known for his role as Clyde Barrow in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, about the legendary gangster couple. He has been nominated for a total of fifteen Oscars over the course of his career.

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