Secret Document Dispute: Trump Turns on Supreme Court

Status: 05.10.2022 03:18 hours

The legal red tape over seized documents has reached a new level of escalation. After his defeat in court, ex-President Trump is now turning to the country’s Supreme Court. There he was able to appoint several judges.

Former US President Donald Trump has turned to the country’s Supreme Court in a dispute over the evaluation of seized classified documents.

Trump’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court’s decision. The key question is who has access to some 100 seized secret documents. The US government is trying to criminalize a dispute over document management, the lawyers wrote in their file.

FBI seized thousands of documents

Trump’s move is preceded by a legal tug-of-war by the authorities. In early August, the FBI of the federal police searched Trump’s villa in the US state of Florida. The FBI seized several classified documents, some with the highest level of secrecy.

By law, this material should have been given to the National Archives. Among the thousands of documents, about 100 were marked as secret, according to the FBI.

Ministry of Justice achieves success in court

By the end of September, the US Department of Justice had achieved significant success in court. The Court of Appeal ruled that investigators may continue to use part of the seized documents for their work. It overturned the decision of a Florida court. This initially prohibited investigators from using the marked-secret documents as long as the neutral investigator involved in the case, Raymond Dearie, is handling the documents.

As part of the decision of the Court of Appeal, the special auditor was denied access to the documents classified as classified. Trump’s attorneys have now petitioned the Supreme Court to allow examiner Dearie to examine the documents.

They claim that Trump had full authority to release documents during his tenure as president. Therefore, markings alone cannot determine whether a document is still classified or whether Trump has released it. That is why the special investigator must be able to view and investigate these questions.

Secret Documents: Trump’s Lawyers Appeal to Supreme Court

Florian Mayer, ARD Washington, October 5, 2022 6:42 AM

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