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Sonja Zichlow will moderate the jungle camp again in 2023. Image: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius / –

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Several celebrities have already been announced for the new season “I’m a star – get me out of here”, which will run in January 2023, including ex-bachelor Andrej Mangold, singer Lucas Cordalis and influencer Twenty4tim.

The participation of reality stars Yeliz Koc, Gigi Birofio and Djamila Rowe as well as Youtuber Lisha Savage in the new season are also assured.

After the show was only shown with a replacement show in 2021 due to the corona and was broadcast from South Africa last year, RTL returns to Australia for the 16th season of the jungle camp.

Now a new celebrity is said to have signed the contract for the show, which has already attracted negative attention in the “Summer House of the Stars” in recent weeks.

Patrick Romer, who became known for the “Bauer sucht Frau” format, was chosen this year as the winner of this year’s “Sommerhaus” relay together with his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer. However, on the way there, he consistently attracted negative attention by humiliating and insulting his girlfriend.

According to “Bild”, Patrick Romer has now promised that he will participate in the jungle camp next year.

After participating in “Bauer sucht Frau”, “Couple Challenge” and “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”, the jungle camp would be the fourth reality TV format Patrick would participate in. According to “Bild” he would have already signed the contract and be ready to take on the new challenge.

Patrick had caused a stir in recent weeks with his behavior and his statements in the “summer house”. Unabashedly, he put down his girlfriend Antonia constantly, complaining about her hair, her smell, her looks, or her lack of dedication to the games.

“Summer house” candidates shoot at Patrick

In the “summer house”, Patrick got on the nerves of the other candidates, especially with his extreme ambition. At the “great reunion” with presenter Frauke Ludowig, the 26-year-old again encountered a powerful headwind.

“From a human point of view, nonsense,” said Christina Graß. “There are women who get depressed because of that kind of behavior.” Vanessa Mariposa, another candidate, also advised Antonia to run: “How can you let that happen to you?”

Even Frauke Ludowig shot Patrick: “I was partly shocked how a man can treat his wife.” Antonia herself seems to be more relaxed on the whole as a divorce is out of the question for her at the moment. “For me, the show was an absolute lesson not to be treated like that anymore,” she said in the final episode. Therefore, they would work on their relationship.

Patrick Romer made countless insults to his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer

Patrick Romer made himself unpopular with numerous insults to his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer in the “summer house”.Image: rtl

In the jungle camp, however, Patrick is seen without his girlfriend.

Claudia Obert refused to participate

“Bild” suspected this morning that Claudia Obert would be another contestant for the upcoming jungle camp season. Obert posted a screenshot of the headline on Instagram and now denied her alleged participation in the caption: “I’ll let the others go first! I’m not a machine that eats everything.”

Carolin Kebekus, part of the advisory team for the second episode of “The Masked Singer”, knew them all. At least according to the voice. So in theory. “I know this voice…” she said after every performance. It’s the same for people as it is for other people – if you guess at home, you somehow know everyone and no one.

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