Ruth Moschner with a crazy confession about a Hollywood star

The moderator Ruth Moschner shared her intimate thoughts.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Anna von Stefanellic

The moderator Ruth Moschner is known for not keeping her mind behind the mountain. Now in conversation with “Gala” presenter Annika Lau, she has revealed such intimate details that they both burst out laughing.

Ruth Moschner claims to have had sex with a Hollywood star

Lau had provoked the confession on camera in the “Gala” interview with a special surprise for Ruth Moschner. She had a picture of Hollywood star Jared Leto on the screen in the background. When the face of the actor and singer of the band Thirty Seconds To Mars appeared, she asked her colleague, “What do you think about when you see Jared?”

Ruth Moschner was delighted with Jared Leto.

Ruth Moschner was delighted with Jared Leto.Image: Screenshot:

Ruth Moschner couldn’t help but grin and immediately revealed:

“I have to admit we had sex!”

So the Hollywood star and the TV host had an affair? At this point, some viewers may have already doubted the truth of the statement. Shortly after the confession, Moschner also gave the all-clear: “But only in my dream,” she added. It’s one of the “few celebrity dreams” she has.

Moschner reveals: The sexual “interaction” was “not recommended”

Apparently there was still a certain attraction, at least on one side. At least Moschner can still remember her surreal sexual escapade with the star, as she also revealed“It was very bizarre. Because we had an ‘interaction’ and I thought to myself at the time…” Moschner said, then paused and rolled his eyes. Laughing, she finished the sentence: “…that’s boring!”

So the sex dream was anything but exciting for the 46-year-old. During the spicy moment in her sleep, she even thought, “Shut up, it’s Jared Leto!” On the show, she made it clear that sex with Jared was anything but recommended. Since then, her enthusiasm for the star has also waned somewhat.

The presenter has been in a relationship for 16 years

Fortunately, after all, the moderator, who stood in front of the camera for “Grill den Profi” (Vox) and “Genial next door (Sat.1)), is taken along. For 16 years she has loved a man unknown to the public.

Ruth Moschner lives in seclusion with Peter in Berlin. As much as she sometimes likes to reveal intimate thoughts, the Munich resident consciously protects her private life. The two had met in a very atypical way, as Ruth Moschner recently said on Instagram: “By the way, I met my boyfriend at a gay bar.” The two are not married yet. The couple also has no children together.

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