Russian gas flows back to Italy

RAfter a short supply stop, Russia wants to pump gas to Italy via Austria again. A solution to the problem had been found among Italian customers, the Russian state-owned company Gazprom announced on the news channel Telegram on Wednesday. The Austrian operator agrees to accept so-called transport nominations, which will allow Russian gas deliveries to resume.

The Italian state-owned company and largest gas importer Eni had previously announced that it wanted to pay guarantees to Austria so that the Alpine Republic would send gas to Italy again. Gazprom stopped supplying gas to the Mediterranean country this weekend. The Russian energy giant stated that it could no longer transfer 20 million euros in safety guarantees to the Austrian carrier due to new regulations.

Eni is therefore looking at whether it can collect the money instead of Gazprom so that the transit in Austria can be resumed. Italy receives Russian gas through a pipeline route that runs through Austria. The Italian group saw “absolutely no geopolitical reasons” as the reason for the supply freeze. Instead, problems arose with payment details in rubles or euros.

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