Riot Bayreuth causes 100,000 euros in damage: Dynamo Dresden wants to take these measures

The massive riots by some Dynamo fans a week ago in Bayreuth are still having an effect. How bad is the damage? What is the SGD so far?

SGD director Jürgen Wehlend (56) made it clear at the press conference that the riots in Bayreuth will have serious consequences. © Robert Michael/dpa

the damage

The financial damage will amount to more than 100,000 euros. More than 50,000 euros in damage was caused to the fan suit, the demolished snack stall amounted to a total of 20,000 euros and up to 10,000 euros in stolen daily income.

“The city of Bayreuth has not yet informed us about the total number of toilet facilities destroyed,” says commercial director Jürgen Wehlend (56).

Dynamo Ultras distance themselves from Bayreuth escalation:
Dynamo Dresden
Dynamo Ultras distance themselves from Bayreuth escalation: “Has nothing to do with fan culture”

Dynamo also expects – again – a hefty penalty from the DFB.

“We leave last season with an annual profit, but we can’t put the money in our term account because we have to use it for that,” said Wehlend.

The flag

The Criminal Life Dynamo banner should no longer appear on SGD games in the future. © Marcus Foerster/Eibner-Pressefoto/dpa

The planned measures

1. The identified perpetrators must be asked to pay financially and be banned from the stadium. “We will definitely do that,” said the 56-year-old. However, so far the Bayreuth police have not been able to report any successes.

2. For the away match in Essen in a week there are only tickets for members, that was already known. It is quite possible that the club will do without away supporters for the time being. “That’s definitely a possibility,” Wehlend said. In the coming week, he wants to decide on this in several consultations with his fellow activists.

Dynamo reacts to the riot in Bayreuth: No more free ticket sales for away games!
Dynamo Dresden
Dynamo reacts to the riot in Bayreuth: No more free ticket sales for away games!

3. The analog camera technology will be replaced by digital technology in the stadium. There the club depends on the city and the stadium company. As a tenant of the stadium, he cannot decide alone.

4. The entire safety concept in the stadium must be checked, especially with regard to the strict separation of the spectator sectors.

5. The club wants an investigation into the work card scheme for the active fan scene.

6. Preparations for the special train to Saarbrücken in April for the club’s 70th anniversary were stopped by the K-block.

7. The K-block self-government is being redesigned. This includes fan paraphernalia. The “Lügenpresse” banner should disappear, as well as a banner displayed in Bayreuth that reads “Kriminales Leben Dynamo”. For Wehlend, both are “an absolute no go”.

8. In the short term, new ball nets will be placed behind both goals, reaching from the grandstand roof to the ground.

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