Republicans are vying for important top positions

After the midterms in the US, Republicans are vying for seats in the House of Representatives. There is little unity in the party.

After the US Republicans performed much weaker than expected in the parliamentary elections, former top politicians in the party are being questioned. Particularly in the House of Representatives, where only a narrow majority appears for the Republicans, there could be a battle for the presidency of the chamber.

Since 2021, US President Joe Biden’s Democrats have held a narrow majority in both chambers of Congress. In the election a week ago, they managed to defend control of the Senate. In the House of Representatives, on the other hand, Republicans are about to take over the majority. TV channels see her only a few seats away from the required 218 mandates, according to the AP news agency, only one vote is missing.



The emerging slim majority makes it more difficult for former Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi as the chamber’s chief post. Because he relies on votes from both moderate Republicans and right-wing supporters of ex-President Donald Trump.

Republicans disagree

The presidency of the House of Representatives is determined by a vote of the full chamber. McCarthy must first win the Republican nomination. On Monday, right-wing Republican congressman Andy Biggs announced in an interview with Newsmax that he wants to run against McCarthy. Influential Trump loyalists such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan, on the other hand, spoke out in favor of McCarthy.

A Republican standoff could have unusual consequences. Republican congressman Don Bacon told NBC he would be willing to work with Democrats to choose a moderate Republican to chair the chamber. The post is number three in the political hierarchy in the US after the presidential and vice presidential offices.

Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell is firmly in the seat in the Senate despite not winning a majority. Despite criticism from Trump and his supporters, he said Monday he was confident he had the votes needed for re-election.

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