Release, rewards, registration and more

Release, rewards, registration and more

PlayStation Stars will launch soon in Germany.

PlayStation Stars will launch soon in Germany.

Just as surprisingly as PlayStation Stars was announced by Sony, it has now been released – at least in Asia. German PlayStation fans, on the other hand, will have to wait a little longer before they start chasing points to collect beautiful digital collectibles and other rewards (eg PSN credit).

How to do this and everything else you need to know, read here:

Update on October 07, 2022: Added a list of status levels and notes about the registration queue, unlocking points via pre-orders and the faster support from level 4.

When does it start? The release date

At the October 13 launch PlayStation Stars in Germany.

How to join PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars is accessible through the PlayStation app for Android and iOS smartphones. You can also access the program on PC from the PlayStation homepage. At a later date, the bonus service will also be integrated into the consoles.

Under certain circumstances, however, you are not immediately registered in the program, but put on a waiting list that is processed in a second dream of up to two months, Eurogamer reports.

Unlock Rewards

You will receive rewards for completing certain “campaigns” and activities. For example, in the official blog post, Sony lists launching a game every month as a task. Other campaigns are aimed at trophy hunters, who are motivated not only to unlock a specific trophy, but also to be the first person in a region or country to take home the platinum trophy of a newly released title.

But Sony also has unusual tasks ready: In one of the first campaigns “Hit Play/1994” you have to start certain games based on acoustic signals to get a rare collector’s item.

Those are the collectibles

The digital collectibles are stylishly modeled virtual figures of iconic characters and popular devices, such as consoles and their accessories, from Sony’s history.

For example, the first collector’s items you can unlock from October are Toro and Kuro – two cats that serve as Sony mascots mainly in Asia – and the PocketStation memory card extension, which came for the PS1 and had a small display. You will also receive a virtual view of a telescope to participate.

This is what the collectibles look like:

PlayStation Stars - You can earn these digital collectibles, this is what they look like


PlayStation Stars – You can earn these digital collectibles, this is what they look like

New digital collectibles will be unlocked regularly, some of which will be extremely rare. If you’ve received a rarity, you can display it in your profile just like any other collectible. The figures are not unique and cannot be traded.

The points system explained

Most completed tasks will give you points that can be redeemed in a reward catalog. In the catalog you will find, among other things:

  • Games from the PSN Store
  • PSN balance
  • More digital collectibles

PlayStation Plus subscribers are rewarded for purchases: PlayStation Plus is not required to use PlayStation Stars, but if you have a subscription to the service, you will receive extra points to spend with every PlayStation Store purchase. The purchase of gift codes is excluded.

Bonus points can also be earned by pre-ordering certain games:

PlayStation Stars: Those who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 or God of War 2 will receive pre-order bonus points


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PlayStation Stars: Those who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 or God of War 2 will receive pre-order bonus points

How the status level works

PlayStation Stars also has a status level that can be increased by purchasing games and earning Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare trophies. So Sony doesn’t focus on the “value” of a trophy, but on its rarity, so you don’t ramp up your status in no time with cheap platinum games like My Name is Mayo. As you level up, you get access to more rewards and benefits.

Here are the unlock conditions for the stages:

  • Step 1: Sign up for PlayStation Stars
  • Level 2: Buy a game for full price, unlock at least one rare trophy
  • Level 3: Buy two games for full price, unlock at least 32 rare trophies
  • Level 4: Buy four games for full price and unlock at least 128 rare trophies

What Sony defines as a “full-price game” is not yet known, nor what benefits are associated with it. However, it caused criticism in advance. From level 4 you will be given the option to skip the chat support request queue. This preference garnered much criticism from fans in America and Asia, but will probably also end up in the European PlayStation Stars program. You can find out more about it here:

PlayStation Stars: Faster Support Is A Reward - And We Hate It


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PlayStation Stars: Faster Support Is A Reward – And We Hate It

How long you keep your status: Once you have achieved a new level, you will keep it until the end of the calendar year and then for another 13 months. The reference date is therefore always 31 January, but always with an interval of more than one year.

More PlayStation 5 news:

PlayStation Stars will be available in Germany in just under a week. We’re excited to see what rewards will be in the local catalog. Maybe one or the other exciting game is among them.

Do you spend your Stars Points on the collectibles, PSN wallet or games?

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