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7 vs. Wild and the Questionable Location Story of Season 2

Already at the start of the new season it is clear that “7 vs. Wild” will be a success again with the second edition. However, it is doubtful that everything the creators of the YouTube series say is true.

No one makes a secret of where Season 2 of the hit survival show 7 vs. Wildlife is included. In the new episodes on YouTube, viewers watch seven contestants fight against nature on the Isla de San José. The location looks like paradise but is actually dangerous.

Where in Panama was Season 2 of 7 vs Wild Filmed?

In 2022, “7 vs. Wild” will be a guest on an island that belongs to Panama. The Isla de San José is located in the Gulf of Panama, off the Pacific coast of Central America. Although the island is 44 square kilometers in size, hardly anyone lives there. According to a census in 2000, there were only ten inhabitants. Other sources only speak of a slightly higher population. In addition, the island is completely privately owned. No one is allowed to walk there without permission. From outside, visitors come here mainly for a secluded luxury holiday.

With the Isla de San José, the “7 vs. Wild” makers have found a virtually uninhabited piece of land. Here it doesn’t just seem like there are still wild animals in a wild landscape – it really is.

Of course, the producers have taken care in advance how dangerous it can be in this place. YouTuber David “Dave” Henrichs was a contestant in the wild in the first season. Now he is producing the official making-of for season 2, which can also be seen on YouTube. This documentary format explains, among other things, what problems there were with the Isla de San José.

That makes the location of 7 vs. Wild in Panama dangerous

In the third part of the making-of, the film team first shows how the exploration of the island went. For the shoot you need seven spots, with one person being exposed for the survival show. Where can a participant find the means to survive? Which places should you avoid because they are home to crocodiles? And where can you drop no one for “7 vs. Wild” because you run into chemical weapons?

Yes, exactly. This question really arises, albeit a little later. After the exploration of the island was shown in detail, the dark turn follows. “The island was absolutely perfect in terms of all the spots, in terms of resources […] But we still have to get an unpleasant surprise. The Isla de San José has a dark past,” said Paddy von Wandermut, one of the organizers, in the making-of. In the context of these videos, it’s perfectly clear what that means. You saw the island, explored the places, everything was great, but then the producers came across information that everyone was concerned about.

The fact that this description cannot be entirely correct is, unfortunately, immediately apparent from the information shown immediately afterwards. The documentary quickly shows why old chemical weapons still appear on the island today.

Why 7 vs. Wild 2022 had to do with bombs

In a nutshell, the viewer learns the following facts: The then unknown island was used by the US military in the 1940s to test chemical weapons. It is suspected that up to 3000 bombs from this period ended up as duds. So some of them can still pose a great danger if someone accidentally comes into contact with them. Now, under time pressure, it would have to be investigated whether the areas where the bombs were located could be narrowed.

The general facts are no secret and the clearing of these legacies is a long-standing political dispute. It’s hard to ignore the basic information about this if you want to know anything about Isla de San José. A Google search will help. Also have a look at Wikipedia.

It’s hard to believe these dangers were unknown until the creators of 7 vs Wild flew to the other side of the world.

The film crew definitely had to figure out where it was safe on the island. This is as much a part of it as the rest of the site exploration. The spectacular-sounding story that those responsible for “7 vs. Wild” were taken by surprise by the chemical weapons at a very late stage should be relegated to the realm of legends.

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