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He’s been planning the Queen’s funeral for over 20 years |

Next project – Charles’ death!

After the state funeral is before the state funeral.

For 23 years he meticulously planned the funeral of Queen Elizabeth († 96). Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather (80) began writing the roadmap for Operation London Bridge in 1999, when the Queen was in her 70s, – the code name for what would happen if Elizabeth II died.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather – here in the mid-1990s in suit, umbrella and bowler hat – is responsible for planning major events in the British kingdom. State funerals are of course also included

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And now the 80-year-old is responsible for the next top-secret plan: the conduct of King Charles III’s funeral. (73).

Three weeks after the Queen’s state funeral, Mather describes in detail how intensive preparations for the death of a monarch can be.

The team first made a replica of Westminster Hall in an airplane hangar to practice laying the Queen’s coffin. A specially lit train car with glass windows was even built through which the mourners could see the coffin. But it has never been used.

Mathers also had to consider the possible place of death of the Queen – after all, there were a number of residences where she stayed. The funeral planner personally visited the estate – especially because to find out how to move the chest through the corridors and stairs. He always made sure that the visits were planned so that the Queen and Prince Philip were not there. Mathers also inspected Balmoral Castle, where the Queen died on September 9.

Over the years, a team of 300 people has been involved in the project. They met once a year to review and coordinate plans.

For more than 20 years, a team of 300 people planned the events and the course of events after the Queen's death

For more than 20 years, a team of 300 people planned the events and the course of events after the Queen’s death


“For the past few years, we’ve taken up the entire ballroom at Buckingham Palace,” Mather said. “We had a PowerPoint presentation. Those involved were sworn to secrecy – they didn’t talk about it except to the people who needed to know.”

Mather's team met once a year in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace

Mather’s team met once a year in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace

Photo: photo alliance / empics

The Queen herself was not directly involved in the planning, she was informed in writing from time to time and was able to contribute her thoughts and wishes.

Charles, on the other hand, then in his capacity as prince and heir apparent, had several personal conversations with the lieutenant colonel about his mother’s funeral plans.

Mather had two days to plan Princess Diana's funeral

Mather had two days to plan Princess Diana’s funeral

Photo: photo alliance / empics

Mather also helped with the funerals of Winston Churchill, Queen Mama, Princess Margaret and Prince Philip. He had only two days to prepare for Princess Diana’s funeral and quickly wrote down the most important details on a “blank sheet of paper”.

And now begins the next big planning project for the 80-year-old: the state funeral of King Charles III. The first concepts for this have already been written down.

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