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8:27 am

Question 2: Let’s go!

The second session is over, there are now fifteen minutes on the clock and again the five slowest drivers are eliminated. Let’s see what it looks like for the German drivers. With Q3 it can get tight after P13 and P15 in Q1.

And let’s see how fast it goes now. Because Verstappen and the other top drivers did not drive at all at the end of Q1. So there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

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Q1: Vettel and Schumacher through

Good news from a German perspective: Vettel and Schumacher make it to Q2! Out are Albon, Gasly who had brake problems, Magnussen, Stroll and Latifi who drops from P20 to P20 due to his penalty. Oh well…

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ plan worked: they saved a set of soft tires and still made it to Q2.

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

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Q1: Significantly faster

As a reminder: Verstappen’s best time in FT3 was 1:30,671. Here the Dutchman was four tenths faster in the first attempt and he leads with a 1:30.224. So we will definitely see 1:29 times. Maybe even 1:28?

Further back, Russell, Magnussen, Vettel, Hamilton and Latifi would be out after the first attempts. The Mercedes drivers only drove on medium, that explains it. The last six minutes are already running.

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

8:02 am

Q1: Marko has Ferrari on the program

Q1 runs, 18 minutes on the clock, the five slowest drivers are out. So the usual game. Meanwhile, Helmut Marko reveals on ‘Sky’: “I think Ferrari’s engine performance [im Training] hasn’t completely ruined it yet.”

“But we may still have part of the chassis in,” he announces, explaining: “Must [uns] If we don’t get pole position, then I think we can count on our racing power again, because so far we are just better in terms of tire wear.”

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

7:54 am

Q1: Now open the session ticker!

Q1 starts in a few minutes. Here you will find the most important information, images and voices on this point. As always, you can get full coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

It is best to run both tickers in parallel. And if you want to know how to watch the Formula 1 livestream in Japan, you can do it here!

7:44 am

Great for Williams

We can quickly solve that before qualifying: Williams has to pay a fine of 1,000 euros for the changed tires. The justification states that Williams admitted the mistake.

The race stewards also refer to a similar case in Hungary when Williams was also charged €1,000 for a similar “administrative” error.

At the time, Williams had made a mistake in returning the tires to Pirelli electronically. Here’s the full justification:

“The team agreed with the report that 3 tires from set 202 were used and 1 from set 203 and admitted that this was a violation of the rules.”

“Taking into account the decision of the stewards (doc. 28) of the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix, which, although related to different regulations, but is a similar administrative/operational error, the penalty is considered appropriate.”

7:36 am

Gasly: ​​Will miss Tsunoda

Speaking of teammates: Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda drove for two years together for AlphaTauri and the Frenchman will now switch to Alpine in 2023. “I will miss him,” Gasly told Formula1.com.

“It feels like he’s a little brother,” Gasly says, adding, “We’ve had a lot of good times together over the past two years.” In the end, however, he had to decide what was best for his career.

And that was just the switch to Alpine – without the Japanese.

7:26 am


That could of course play a role in qualifying again – especially in Q1. Of course it’s especially stupid if your own teammate gets in the way… Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Ferrari that things will get better soon!

7:18 am

special helmets

We’ve already seen a lot of special helmet designs this weekend. Now the two Mercedes drivers have also presented their special helmets for Suzuka, which of course we don’t want to withhold from you:

7:09 am

The most important thing for Friday…

… we’ve put this together again for you in a photo series. The fastest way to get up to speed quickly before you qualify!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 in Suzuka: Friday’s most important thing

07:00 o’clock

it’s a long time ago…

After FT3, Verstappen will enter qualifying as favorite – and could achieve the first Red Bull pole in Suzuka in nine years! Mark Webber last managed to do that in 2013. In the same year, Sebastian Vettel also gave the Bulls their last victory in Japan.

It’s even longer since the last pole at Suzuka, which was taken with a Honda engine. Gerhard Berger last did that for McLaren in 1991 – over 30 years ago! By the way, you can read everything in our large Formula 1 database.

6:50 am

Problems for Williams?

The team probably just screwed up: Albon would have raced in FT3 with medium tires from different sets. That is not allowed, you can only use four tires that belong to the same set.

Could be a penalty for Williams. Let’s keep an eye on it.

6.30 am in the morning

De Vries: This is how Tost explains the decision

Of course, AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost was also asked why Red Bull didn’t raise a driver from its own offspring. “All young Red Bull drivers were eligible,” he clarifies.

“There are Lawson, [Ayumu] I was one [Dennis] Hauger in Formula 2 and [Isack] Hadjar in Formula 3. But they all lack experience and they still have a year or two to drive in their series,” explains Tost.

So no general rejection for the future of the Red Bull juniors. Only at this point, none of the drivers were ready for Formula 1.

06:18 o’clock

missed friday?

No problem! Kevin Scheuren and our deputy editor-in-chief Stefan Ehlen took the time yesterday to analyze the (rainy) training day for you. The following topics were on the agenda:

– Is the Mercedes shape real?
– Mick Schumacher crashes during Friday practice
– What’s in it for Vettel at Suzuka
– The new Ferrari underbody
– Alfa Romeo in top 10 after update
– Tire test cancelled, but training extended anyway
– Latifi: Wrong exit in the chicane!

Today, after qualifying, there is of course another analysis of Saturday’s performance in Japan on the YouTube channel Formel1.de. It starts at 11:30 this time!

Analysis: That’s how Mick Schumacher’s accident happened!

Formula 1 Friday in Suzuka in the analysis: how Mick Schumacher crashed, what he is doing now and whether the Mercedes form from training is real! More Formula 1 Videos

06:09 o’clock

What’s going on with Red Bull’s youth program?

In any case, Ralf Schumacher asks himself this question after AlphaTauri today confirmed Nyck de Vries as successor to Pierre Gasly. “It shows what Red Bull think about their own young drivers – namely nothing,” he says on ‘Sky’.

“The Eternal Talent” [Liam] Lawson won’t get the chance,” said Schumacher, adding that Jüri Vips “turned himself off” by his behavior off the track. Yet he was “surprised” that Red Bull did not choose its own driver.

“That must have taken Dr. Marko a lot of effort, the man there [von Mercedes] who always sat next to Toto Wolff,” he believes and also explains that he does not believe that de Vries can “in the long run” perform as well as in Monza.

“I think a lot of things came together in Monza, but then maybe he would teach me something else,” said Schumacher, who, however, is inclined to think “it was a very big coincidence.” Still, he is of course happy for de Vries.

06:00 o’clock

FT3: Closing time!

That’s it, the session is over. Verstappen eventually took the best time. With a 1:30.671 he lands in front of the two Ferrari drivers. Alonso was fourth “Best of the Rest” and confirmed the good Alpine impression.

Qualifying starts in two hours! Before that, as usual, the FT3 overview:



Photos: F1: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 2022

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