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Will there be a big bang in Paris Saint-Germain?

As the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reports, superstar Kylian Mbappé (23) wants to leave PSG in the winter. This also reports “RMC”.

According to reports, the relationship between the Parisians and the French world champion should be completely severed. The striker is said to have asked for his release for a change in July – so shortly after his contract extension.

Review: The superstar extended his contract in the summer until 2025. There was a whopping 128.6 million euros in serious money for the signature, and Mbappé also collects an astronomical 85.7 million salaries a year. With the mega contract, the sheik’s club prevented him from making an almost certain move to Real Madrid at the last minute.

But despite thick coals and the promised boss role, after only twelve competitive games in the new season, frustration strikes again among the French! Does he regret his decision against Real?

After the meager 0-0 from the frontrunner at Keller-Klub Reims, Mbappé posted an Instagram story with a photo of himself and the words “Draw, it will continue on Tuesday”. But the hashtag he put under it is much more interesting: “pivot-gang”, which in German means something like “center gang”. The note, which was removed a short time later, is an obvious excavation at Christophe Galtier (56).

Background: PSG’s new coach lets the superstar play primarily as a striker, a position Mbappe doesn’t like. The world champion sees himself more as a winger because he can use his strength and speed better there.

Takes care of: In Reims, Galtier and Mbappé had been arguing on the sidelines all match long. Then the superstar shuffled back to the top of the charge with a demonstrative shake of the head. Not Mbappe’s first public sign of frustration.

For the national team, the striker said at the end of September: “The things that are asked of me here are different than at the club. I have a lot more freedom here. The coach knows there is a number 9 like Olivier Giroud who takes care of the defense and I can look for spaces, demand balls. That doesn’t happen in Paris. They want me to play centrally, that’s different.”


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As reported by “L’Équipe”, PSG promised Mbappe to sign a real striker before the contract was extended – that has not happened so far. Robert Lewandowski (34) was therefore the desired candidate, but he went to Barcelona. That is why he should also feel betrayed by PSG.

Luis Campos (58), who is responsible for the transfer strategy at PSG, admits to “RMC Radio”: “We promised Mbappe that we would put together a great team – with a nine that we did not bring.”

This now appears to have caused a deep rift between the club and Mbappé. According to “Marca”, the contract extension stipulated that there would be no transfer from PSG to Real Madrid in the future. Mbappe’s future seems more uncertain than ever a few months after signing…

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