PS5 Ticker: The PlayStation 5 Situation on October 7, 2022 (Update)

PS5 Ticker: The PlayStation 5 Situation on October 7, 2022 (Update)

GamesWirtschaft's PS5 ticker
GamesWirtschaft’s PS5 ticker

That FIFA 23-Bundle has shipped for months in stores Horizon: Forbidden WestReplaced Package: Where you can currently buy the PS5.

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Status: October 7, 2022 (10:15 a.m.)

God of War Ragnarok will be released on November 9th and can be pre-ordered now:

  • God of War Ragnarök Launch Edition with free lanyard for €79.99 at Saturn*
  • Collector’s Edition (€249.99) at Amazon* and MediaMarkt*
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 4 at Amazon*
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 5 at Amazon*

PlayStation 5 Top News:

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Pre-order God of War Ragnarok now for PS4 and PS5 at Saturn (ad)
Pre-order God of War Ragnarok now for PS4 and PS5 at Saturn (ad)

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Update from October 7, 2022 (10:15 a.m.): Medimax has a PS5 bundle consisting of console, FIFA 23 and Gran Turismo 7 mention. The price is about a reasonable €699. According to the product page, both delivery and collection are possible within 1 to 3 working days.

Note: Medimax is not represented nationally, but mainly in the middle and east of the country. To place the bundle in the shopping cart, you will be asked to enter your zip code.

Update from October 7, 2022 (9 a.m.): For the fact that the new one is only here for a week FIFA 23bundle comes, the PS5 Rambazamba has been very manageable for the past few days. Nothing but a handful of consoles happened at Smyth-Toys and PlayStation Direct. So nothing. Rather, it seems that retailers and Sony have already fired up their PlayStation 5 powder for the time being.

If you’ve last seen the PS5 in the wild (electronics stores, GameStop, specialty stores), we look forward to your response or email.

Commercial break: Three PS4/PS5 games for €49 at Saturn* (until October 19 only)

Update from October 6, 2022 (11 am): Alternate has released a brand new PS5 bundle*: for €909 the console, FIFA 23, Gran Turismo 7 and the premium wireless headset Logitech Gaming G935. The surround headphones cost between €120 and €140 – Alternate is offering the model itself for €199, which in turn explains the purchase price of the PS5 package.

Update from October 6, 2022 (8:30 AM): According to media reports, retailers in the UK and the US, among others, have recently received more PS5 consoles from Sony – which we cannot confirm in this form for the German-speaking region.

Although there are actually some drops around the new end of September FIFA 23-Bundle given, but the amounts don’t seem to differ that much from the previous summer months. In any case, we’ll be smarter about how many consoles Sony has actually produced and shipped by the end of October – because then Q3 numbers are on the agenda.

One thing is certain: even almost two years after its launch, it is certainly not the case that the console would be available across the board. The customer still needs patience, persistence and good timing to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 at the suggested retail price. This Thursday morning there are no indications (yet) of when and where the next drop will start.

By the end of June 2022, Sony Interactive had sold approximately 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles (as of 07/29/2022)
By the end of June 2022, Sony Interactive had sold approximately 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles (as of 07/29/2022)

Update from October 5, 2022 (11:45 AM): Smyth Toys bundles are now almost sold out nationwide.

Update from October 5, 2022 (11:40 AM): Those who live in Austria and have a Libro branch near them can pre-order PS5 bundles again on the Libro website in these minutes. Access to the online shop from other countries is blocked.

Update from October 5, 2022 (10:45 AM): After a nearly a month hiatus, toy chain Smyths has received another Sony delivery. The PS5 is included for €709.99 FIFA 23 and Gran Turismo 7 sold. The price is steep, but just about acceptable.

Please note: Delivery is not possible – instead you must order the package online and then collect it from the responsible branch.

Availability varies widely from region to region – in many cases the pack is sold out or only available as a single item. In individual markets (for example in Passau or Leipzig) there is a little more choice – but this can change every minute.

Update from October 5, 2022 (9:00 AM): The statistics are clear: if you want to buy a PS5 from Amazon*, you can only do so on a Wednesday in 2022 – most recently on September 28, a week ago.

Amazon is currently working on two tracks: customers are still being asked to send an “invitation” to this no longer brand new product Horizon: Forbidden West-Bundle* request. Until now, however, the new system has rarely been used. Because lately especially Sony FIFA 23-Bundles* delivered and advertised – and you can’t “request” that.

Instead, Amazon still relies on the good old Drop at this point. In other words, if Amazon has received PS5 deliveries in the past few days (which frankly isn’t much to say), then this will open potential Time slot today between 9am and 11am. A Prime subscription is no longer necessary. As always, there is no drop guarantee.

Update October 4, 2022 (3:45 PM): Inquiries from readers who have uncovered an alleged bargain on the Amazon Marketplace* – a brand new PS5 for €500, ie €50 below the suggested retail price, are once again arriving in the editorial mailbox.

Sounds too good to be true: The alleged seller – a solid supplier of decorations – probably had his account hacked. There have been a number of such cases this year. Customers should expect a cancellation. If you don’t know the stitch yet, learn more in this article.

Update from October 4, 2022 (13.00 CET): Anyone who wants to stock up on game material at a reasonable price at the start of the fall season has the opportunity to do so at Saturn from today. The new ‘voucher booklet’ contains a so-called multi-buy campaign, which means: for €49 you get three games (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch) of your choice. The discount is immediately displayed in the shopping cart.

Of course, the offer only applies to selected titles. If you combine smartly, you can save a lot: for example in the PS5 selection* Ghostwire: Tokyo included, which costs $49.90 on Amazon alone*. The campaign runs through October 19.

Message of October 4, 2022 (8 am): Welcome to a new PS5 ticker week – and a new PS5 ticker month. We hope you had a nice XXL weekend.

And October is off to a good start: On yesterday’s holiday on German Unity Day, Sony Interactive has once again conducted a PS5 factory sale on PlayStation Direct. The decline was announced on Sunday afternoon. The ‘naked’ PlayStation 5 and both were offered FIFA 23– Bundles.

It is highly unusual for such drops to occur on Sundays and public holidays. In this particular case, this is most likely due to the fact that the website is not operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Germany GmbH in Neu-Isenburg, but by Sony Interactive Entertainment Direct Europe Limited based in England. And there was no holiday there yesterday.

Over the weekend we received a slew of references to a supposedly €550 immediately available console at Amazon*: The package was listed there under “All offers” mention. Seller: A seller of decorative items. Regular readers already suspect it: it is very likely that the Marketplace account has been compromised again – the orders will almost certainly be canceled (background).

Our advice remains: buy the PlayStation 5 only then at Amazon, if the console is actually sold and supplied by Amazon itself. Be wary of consoles coming from suppliers outside the industry, especially if the suggested retail price of $450 or $550 is undercut.

For the current week, we expect one or the other decline in the FIFA 23-Bundles – Top candidates are MediaMarkt*, Saturn*, Amazon* and Otto*. The Alternate* PS5 bundle, available for days, is now sold out.

The situation in the premium market remains deplorable: For a long time, the PS5 was available as an extra at an extra cost when taking out DSL or mobile phone contracts. However, there is currently no capacity for this. The sole provider remains the Cologne energy supplier E for easywho has a quota marketing deal. The additional payment is 249 € – there is a PlayStation 5 with two controllers. Delivery time: 14 days. You can find out how high your electricity/gas bill will be after a change by entering your estimated consumption on the E wie Einfach* website.

Thank you for the many valuable tips via comments, mail and Twitter.

Which retailer sold the PlayStation 5 and when (as of July 18, 2022)
Which retailer sold the PlayStation 5 and when (as of July 18, 2022)

Buy PS5: Our Watch List in October 2022 (green = drops have occurred)

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