PS5 Ticker: The PlayStation 5 Situation on November 14, 2022

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week 1 after God of War Ragnarok: Metacritic’s average is still 94 – but where to buy the right PlayStation 5?

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Status: November 14, 2022 (7 am)

God of War Ragnarok is there:

  • Limited Edition DualSense controller now available from Amazon* for €74.99
  • Launch Edition for €69.99 at Saturn*
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 4 at Amazon* for €64.99
  • God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation 5 at Amazon* for €70.54

PlayStation 5 Top News:

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False offers warning
PS5 consoles from reputable, mostly non-industrial dealers currently appear on the Amazon Marketplace* in the “All Offers” section (e.g. garden, DIY, sports or decorative suppliers). The PS5 will usually below offered at the RRP.

In almost all cases known to us, it concerns compromised merchant accounts – the access points have therefore been hacked (background). There is a good chance that the orders will be cancelled. Until further notice, we recommend ordering the PS5 only if the console is listed and sold directly by Amazon.

Update from November 14, 2022 (9:30 AM): We’ve received some questions about the God of War Ragnarök DualSense controller. Since the addition “Limited Edition” is of course meant seriously – the gamepad can currently only be ordered occasionally. The device is currently sold out at Amazon*, MediaMarkt* and Saturn*; Controllers are still available at some GameStop stores and PlayStation Direct.

It remains unclear whether the quota produced has already been used up or whether Sony can/wants to upgrade it again.

Notice of November 14, 2022 (9 Watch): Welcome to another PS5 ticker week at GamesWirtschaft – we’ll support you in purchasing a PlayStation 5, which even two years after its launch is still not widely available across the board.

First things first: Sony Interactive sent out email invitations yesterday, Sunday – between 10:30 am and noon, selected customers can order a PlayStation 5 from PlayStation Direct. There is much to suggest that further quotas will be activated after that (ie around noon). Feel free to pre-login to PlayStation Direct – all you need is your PSN credentials.

We have received information from all over the country that from today (some since Saturday) a pre-order promotion is running in many branches of Saturn* and MediaMarkt*. Means: you pay 100 € – and can pick up the console on the market a few days later. So it may be worth getting on the mat at the local branch on time this morning. Then let us know by e-mail or comment where and under what conditions the purchase went well.

Bundles sold with various drops over the past week are gradually arriving on Ebay* – so first of all that God of War Ragnarok-Bundle, which quickly owes 800€ with buy now and auctions. Incidentally, the suggested retail price is € 620.

If you are currently looking for a new electricity supplier, you might want to consider the offer of the Cologne supplier E wie SIMPLIFIED: Last Friday, the company increased the co-payment for the PlayStation 5 with two controllers in the Mein Öko Tarif* from € 399 to € 199 reduced. The contract duration is only twelve months, so the customer does not have to commit for a longer period of time.

E like SIMPLE* currently indicates four weeks as delivery time. Anyone who closes the contract in November and quickly transfers the additional payment will most likely receive the PS5 package in time for Christmas.

O2’s bonus offer* is still available when you sign a contract in the O2 Free M rate with 20 GB – but only while supplies last: the package price includes both a PlayStation and a Sony Xperia 1 IV. The monthly costs depend on whether you are already an O2 customer or not (for example affects the connection price). All details and conditions can be found on the campaign website*.

Thank you for the many valuable tips via comments, mail and Twitter.

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