PS5: New Vulnerability Found

from Claus Ludewig
A hacker has found a new leak in the Playstation 5. So there is access to the kernel of the game console. Sony’s current console already has several security vulnerabilities.

It’s been a sad certainty for a few weeks now. If you want to buy a Playstation 5, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. The version with disc drive now costs about 550 euros and the Playstation 5 Digital Edition is over the counter for just under 450 euros. So Sony has increased the suggested retail price by 50 euros each. It remains to be seen whether the Japanese will be able to absorb the recent losses. In addition, the manufacturer is probably concerned about a new hack for the PS5. The hacker Specter is said to have gained access to the PlayStation 5 kernel.

Multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Playstation 5

Sony uses a Linux distribution with its own user interface for the current console, which is also isolated and only gives users limited rights. Although it is Linux, you can only use programs approved by Sony. The hack does not change this fact. However, Specter wants to have root privileges, so that it can access the debug menu and read and write access to parts of the SSD memory. Prerequisite for the hack is a PS5 with firmware 4.03, the current firmware is 6.0. A current software version seems to close the gap.

In addition to this hack, another security vulnerability was discovered in mid-September 2022 in the Playstation 5 and its predecessor PS4. This is where the JIT compiler is attacked so that the code can be executed directly. Sony has installed the JIT environment for the software emulation of Playstation 2 games. However, there are only a few PS2 games that are compatible with the PS4 anyway.

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Playstation 5 Vulnerability Collection:

  • A hacker claims to have gained access to the Playstation 5 kernel. It should have root privileges.
  • There is access to the debug menu and write and read access to parts of the memory.
  • In addition to this hack, another vulnerability was discovered in mid-September 2022 in the Playstation 5 and its predecessor PS4, which has to do with the emulation of PS2 games.

Source: Github

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