PS Plus in October – these free games are now available

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That’s how good the free PS Plus games in October are

The cold fall weather is perfect for curling up in front of the console. With a cup of tea, a warm blanket and the latest PS Plus games. We know what highlights Playstation fans can expect in October.

Summer vacation is over, the days are getting shorter and there are fewer hours of sunshine. You can’t miss it: Fall is just around the corner. And with that the time for cozy hours at home on the couch. To make sure console fans don’t get bored there, Sony is also giving away three free games for PS Plus users in October. We know the free games and know if it is worth downloading.

These three games will be available for free in October:

Is called wheels Unleashed (PS4 + PS5)

  • Release: September 30, 2021
  • Publisher: Milestone
  • Genre: racing game
  • Meta score: 80

Milestone’s visually appealing fun racer impresses with intuitive controls and an entertaining multiplayer mode. Anyone who likes drifting or likes to push their opponents off the road will love the racing game. The creative design and the ability to interact with the environment creates excitement and is still fun even after several rounds of racing. Unfortunately, the courses in the first hours of the game are rather monotonous and always built on the same principle. Patience is required here. The career mode also consists mainly of standard races that are interrupted by less spectacular boss levels. The hobby cellar, on the other hand, provides variety, which is individually furnished and equipped with gimmicks such as posters, arcade machines or carpets can be decorated. Even the little speedsters themselves can be customized in the livery editor. Anyone looking for an alternative to the popular “Trackmania” searches, but still can’t find it here.

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Batman vs Superman, Harley Quinn vs Wonder Woman or Black Canary vs Scarecrow – fans of fighting games and superheroes will get their money’s worth in Injustice 2. The sequel to “Injustice: Gods Among Us” focuses on the most famous characters from the DC universe, brought to life with great attention to detail. The popular heroes and villains compete against each other in 12 different locations. Not only does it sound good, it looks good too. Players can compete against each other in co-op or multiplayer mode, but unfortunately there is no tag team mode. But the combat looks impressive and flows smoothly in the cutscenes. The predecessor’s flaws have been largely remedied and the controls provide fast and beautiful combos. Nevertheless, the game remains beginner-friendly at all times and can be adapted to personal needs and skills thanks to the adjustable difficulty. If you like comics and fighting games, you should definitely give the game a try.

Released: February 25, 2016

Superhot is a shooter of a very special kind. The game impresses not only with unusual graphics, but also with an advanced leveling system. In this way, time only advances when the player runs, shoots or dodges. You shouldn’t think about your next move in peace, because time never stands still for your opponents. Instead, at best, sneak up on the opponent and steal the gun from their hand with a quick blow. Bottles and stones can also be transformed into powerful weapons in this way. And that is also very necessary, because often the opponents come out of the ambush completely unexpectedly. A finer camera acceleration would have been nice here, as the unexpected attacks can be frustrating in the long run. Those who like to put their skills to the test will still have a lot of fun with Superhot.

This is how you get the free games

Since June 2022, PS Plus subscribers can choose from three different subscription models: Essential, Extra and Premium. All three offer access to the monthly free games. With 59.99 euros per year, Essential is the cheapest model.


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