Protests in “Factory of the World”: Chinese break corona lockdowns in Guangzhou

Protests in “Factory of the World”
Chinese break corona lockdowns in Guangzhou

In the city of Guangzhou, the number of corona infections is higher than in any other Chinese place. This feeds fears of further lockdowns and puts the population on the barricades. Videos published on the internet show chaotic scenes.

In the southern Chinese economic metropolis of Guangzhou, popular protests are amid a sharp increase in the number of corona cases. Crowds broke through corona lockdowns in the city on Monday evening and marched through the streets, according to videos published on the internet showing chaotic scenes. One of the most recent outbreaks in the People’s Republic is Guangzhou, known as the “factory of the world” and with a population of nearly 19 million, the city with the most cases.

The number of new infections per day surpassed 5,000 cases for the first time, fueling speculation that local lockdowns could be extended. Videos posted to Twitter and shared widely, which Reuters could not independently verify, showed scenes in the Haizhu district late Monday night of people storming the streets protesting with workers dressed in white hazmat suits.

Several hashtags related to “unrest” in the area were removed by Chinese Twitter rival Weibo in the morning. Neither the Guangzhou Municipal Government nor the Guangdong Provincial Police were available for comment.

Chinese authorities reported 17,772 new local infections on November 14. 1,700 more than the day before and the most since April. Many cities have scaled back routine testing of their residents after announcing a slight relaxation of China’s strict corona measures late last week, including shortening quarantine periods for close contacts and travelers from abroad.

While many people are cautiously optimistic about this, concerns are growing about the rising number of infections and confusion about the testing strategy. The new regulations make testing more targeted, which means significant financial relief for cities.

In Beijing’s most populous district, Chaoyang, some test sites were moved closer to residential areas on Monday. Although this increases the total number of test locations, it also led to long waiting times. This adds to community frustration as many workplaces and other places still require negative test results within 24 hours.

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