Princess Kate harassed during visit to Northern Ireland

While visiting Ireland, Duchess Kate experienced an awkward moment.PICTURED: POOL PA / Liam McBurney

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After the official mourning phase for the late British Queen Elizabeth II, William and Kate are now fulfilling their duties as Prince and Princess of Wales respectively. The couple were met with euphoria on a recent visit to Wales, and now the Royals are planning a trip to Belfast. However, according to “Belfast Live”, there was an unpleasant incident when Kate mingled with the crowd.

Kate harassed during a visit to Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, William and Kate were very sober again and made personal contact with those waiting. However, not all attendees were 100 percent in favor of the two this time. A woman made the following comment to the princess as she shook her hand:

“Nice to meet you, but it would have been better if you had stayed in your own country.”

Kate seemed a little perplexed, but didn’t answer and moved on to the next fan. However, the said woman did not give up and afterwards exclaimed: “Ireland belongs to the Irish.” However, the 40-year-old was not provoked by this and remained professional.

William and Kate’s one-day visit to Northern Ireland was for charity. On October 6, the couple visited the Northern Ireland headquarters of Pips, a suicide prevention organization. Fortunately, no further incidents occurred.

Charles also approached

In general, the royals have to deal with critical remarks when they contact the population. Thus, the new King Charles was confronted shortly after Elizabeth’s death.

Charles also has to endure criticism.

Charles also has to endure criticism.Image: The Canadian Press via AP/Paul Chiasson

During a visit to Wales in September, he was verbally assaulted by a man: “Although we can barely heat our houses, we have to pay for your parade.” With that, the person was clearly referring to the current energy crisis, while the monarchy is financed with taxpayers’ money.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have regularly made headlines, especially since the Queen’s funeral and the Royals’ meeting. The two, and Meghan in particular, have not been held in particularly high regard by the public since they left the British royal family two years ago and started a new life in California.

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