Prince William draws a clear line with Camilla

Prince William used to not have a good relationship with Camilla, the wife of his father King Charles.Image: IMAGO / i Images

Helen Kleinschmidt

After the death of Princess Diana, Prince William had a difficult relationship with his father’s new wife, King Charles. Meanwhile, Willem and Queen Camilla seem to get along well. One detail, however, shows that the differences between the two may not be completely buried after all.

Prince William makes one thing clear in the family

In her book Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, author Angela Levin describes Camilla’s life and how her public image has changed over the past 20 years. She also writes about the relationship between Charles’ wife and Prince William. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, Levin claims: that the eldest son of Charles and the late Princess Diana made it clear to his children that Camilla was not their step-grandmother.

A trusted assistant to Camilla, Amanda MacManus, said she “has a positive view that Camilla is a stepmother”. Levin continues: “Her Royal Highness is a very warm woman, so I imagine it would all be pretty good. She has her own children and grandchildren so she wouldn’t try to take other children from someone else.”

“William has made it clear that Camilla is his father’s wife, but not his children’s step-grandmother.”

Angela Levin in her book “Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort”

William’s children must keep their distance from Camilla

Nevertheless, Levin’s research would have shown that William probably wanted to give his children some distance from Camilla: “William has nevertheless made it clear that Camilla is his father’s wife, but not his children’s step-grandmother, and that Prince George, his sister Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have two grandfathers, but only one grandmother.”

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are not allowed to call Camilla step-grandmother.

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are not allowed to call Camilla step-grandmother.Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

William’s decision not to name his children Camilla’s step-grandmother may be due to his loyalty to his late mother, Princess Diana. Before Charles married Diana, he knew Camilla and had a romantic relationship with her. Ever since he reconnected with Camilla and walked down the aisle with Diana after Diana’s divorce and her death, it seemed like the two never lost touch.

Camilla had a hard time in public for a long time

Considering that Camilla was far from popular with Brits, especially in the 90s. One of Diana’s most famous phrases is: “Well, there were three of us in this wedding, so it was a little busy.” In the meantime, however, the image of Queen Camilla has changed for the better in many people.

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