Prime Day Gaming: Nintendo Switch, Playstation and games at great prices

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Nintendo Switch and xBox on Prime Day at a great price

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Anyone currently looking for a new game console can hope to get the second Prime Day 2022 Nintendo Switch, PS5 or Xbox and accessories at a particularly low price. Here’s how to spot such bargains and what to look for when making a purchase.

WAs in previous years, consoles will be in high demand again at Amazon’s next online shopping event. It can be assumed that on Prime Day 2022 Nintendo Switch, PS5 or Xbox and bundles with games and interesting accessories will be cheaper. However, to discover a particularly good offer, you must agree on the respective prices in advance. Here you’ll find the best consoles and bundles so you can compare later on Prime Day which discount is a real bargain. As always, the world of event sales is only open to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Prime Day: The Top Discounts on Consoles:

  1. Xbox Series S* in front of 254.89 instead of 299.99 euros (-15%)

  2. Nintendo Switch console* in front of 279 instead of 329 euros (-15%)

Prime Day: Nintendo Switch is very popular

If you already have a Switch, you can check out the motion-activated Nintendo title Ring Fit Adventure* during Prime Day at the slightly reduced price of 59.99 euros increase The set includes the Ring-Con and the leg strap needed to play. Another popular set is this one Nintendo Switch Set*which is currently for 39.99 instead of 49.99 euros is to have.

Tip: If you enjoy playing multiplayer, watch out for extra players on Prime Day controllers* like steering wheels, protective covers and charging stations* at a reasonable price – accessory sets can therefore be significantly reduced.

Prime Day: Nintendo Switch games for sale

Some games for Nintendo Switch are currently discounted on Amazon Prime Day. Highlights include New Pokémon Snap* for 29.99 euros. Pokémon Sword for Nintendo Switch* and Monster Hunter Rise* are also heavily reduced.

Prime Day FIFA Deals: Up to 47% Off

Compare prices for Prime Day: Xbox could be cheaper too

The Xbox is also still in high demand. The XBox Series S*, the new and small but powerful version of the XBox is currently on sale for 338.99 instead of 379.98 euros. Even bundled with a game like “FIFA 23” or a Game Pass, it’s still inexpensive.

Prime Day: More Xbox games heavily discounted

In addition to FIFA 22, many other games for Xbox One are heavily discounted on Amazon Prime Day, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla* or the GTA trilogy. Some also offer free upgrades to Xbox Series X.

Prime Day: Convert PC to Console

If the storage space* and graphics card* of the home computer allow it, it can also be used for gaming. With the right accessories, the fun can be even greater. Roccat products are becoming more and more popular within the community – the better that they are available at deep discounts on Prime Day.

Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse*: high precision with owl eye sensor and LED lighting for 35 instead of the last 79.99 euros – you save 56 percent.
Roccat Pyro Keyboard*: Brushed aluminum mechanical keyboard for 84.30 instead of 99.99 euros – you save 16 percent.

Prime Day: The Sims 4 heavily discounted

The popular simulation game The Sims 4 and numerous expansion packs such as The Sims 4 – To Uni* or The Sims 4 – Island Life* are partially available on Prime Day with a discount of up to 55 percent. Before you can play the expansions, you will of course need the full version* for currently 19.99 euros.

The Sims 4 – University* for 14.99 instead of 33.61 (55% saved)
The Sims 4 – Island Life* for 17.33 instead of 33.61 (48% saved)

Prime Day Bargains: Recognize Game Deals – That’s How It Works

To make sure you can find game deals that are real bargains on Prime Day, we’ve collected a few tips for you here:

  • Compare prices with comparison sites such as (as is by Axel Springer SE) – this is how you can see if Amazon is really offering the best bargain
  • Do not rely solely on the discount displayed on Amazon – this refers to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price and does not make much sense, especially when it comes to technology
  • Look out for cheaper bundles that include all your favorite games and necessary accessories
  • View the price development over several days
  • Only go to lightning deals if you are absolutely sure – deals with time constraints often lead to bad purchases
  • If you’re not yet a Prime customer, you can test the Amazon membership for free for 30 days – this is the only way to take advantage of the exclusive discounts on Prime Day
  • Membership also allows some offers to be pre-examined, so it makes sense to close them a few days before Prime Day

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