Pop star Melanie Müller must appear at youth care

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From: Claire Weiss


Will Melanie Müller now lose custody of the two children? After the pop singer stretched out her right arm at a concert, she now faces consequences. Her ex-husband Mike can get custody.

Leipzig – On September 17, pop star Melanie Müller (34) performed for the hooligan group “Rowdys Eastside”. Sections of the public made no secret of their far-right sentiments. Later, however, a video appeared that also puts the pop singer in a bad light.

Did Melanie Müller herself show the Hitler salute during the performance?

In a first video shot on the night of Melanie Müller’s performance, concertgoers chanted “Sieg Heil” and raised their right arm. The 34-year-old stated that she immediately stopped the performance. But in a second video, the situation seems to have turned out quite differently.

Mike Müller seems very happy with his new girlfriend. They are currently babysitting Matty and Mia Rose together. © Instagram/Mike Blümer & Instagram/Melanie Müller

It shows how the pop singer stretches her right arm several times – supposedly for the Hitler salute. Melanie Müller herself denies this, however. In an interview with Bild she explains: “I’ve been on stage for eleven years and always do these hand movements. Not from a far-right background, but zig-zag-zig-zag, just the way I do it there.”

The Hitler salute as a criminal offense – these are the consequences:

In Germany, the Nazi salute has been punishable since the end of the Second World War. Anyone who shows this in public will therefore be prosecuted. The National Socialist gesture is punishable in two ways: Firstly, according to Article 86a paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code, it is prohibited to use National Socialist symbols, greetings or slogans. If you do not do this, you risk a fine or a prison sentence of up to three years. In many cases, the perpetrator is also prosecuted for hate speech under Article 130 of the Criminal Code. This carries a prison sentence of three months to five years.

Melanie Müller has to go to youth care

His still husband Mike Blümer is still concerned about the children and immediately brought them to him. “I do not understand the whole story. I am shocked, helpless, speechless. I no longer recognize Melli Müller, who is still my wife,” he revealed in an interview with RTL. His ex has ended up in “right-wing circles” since the breakup.

Now the pop singer even missed her son’s birthday because she had an appointment with the youth care in Leipzig. Melanie Müller confirms this to bild.de. And the Leipzig Youth Welfare Office also confirmed that there were discussions with those involved. Is Melanie Müller now losing custody of Matty and Mia Rose? The pop singer is currently going through a lot. Melanie Müller recently had a stroke. Used sources: bild.de, RTL, Criminal Code

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