Pokémon GO: Developing Cosmog is not possible

The “Stars of Development” event started today in Pokémon GO and should bring you Cosmovum. However, some trainers cannot evolve Cosmog. We at MeinMMO show you what happened.

Which Pokemon is it? Today, October 5, the “Stars of Development” development event kicked off. To mark the occasion, you should be able to secure Cosmovum in-game for the first time by developing Cosmog.

In the announcement of the September 28, 2022 event, Niantic had recruited the new Legendary Monster. But now the messages are piling up that there should be problems. We’ve looked at what it’s all about.

Cosmog development causes problems – not possible?

After the development event ran for some time in the first time zones, you could already find the first photos of the development of Cosmog in the social networks. The event is now also running here and some trainers also wanted to develop their Cosmog into a Cosmovum.

The development is part of the special research “A cosmic companion”. But then the nasty surprise: it just doesn’t work. Trainers’ reports are piling up that they don’t have an option to progress in the game – the button is missing.

So is reddit user melagnahopz, who writes the following in his current post (via reddit.com): “I have just received the following special research task, which is to develop Cosmog, but there is no option to develop. Do I miss something?”

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How to solve the problem? It is not yet known exactly why this bug occurs in the game and why some trainers do not have a button to develop. It can’t be the progress of the special investigation, of course, because it also affects trainers who already completed it in chapter 4.

In our Pokémon GO Facebook group, players report that they finally got the button after restarting the game. We have tried this as a team, but we have had no success. So this doesn’t seem to work for all trainers.

If there’s any new information on how to develop Cosmog, we’ll add it here for you.

Do you also want to develop your Cosmog and don’t have the button? Or did you have it right after opening the game? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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