Pietro Lombardi is moving in with a girlfriend: what Laura already finds annoying entertainment

Lombardi’s pregnant girlfriend moves in |

Laura is already annoying about Pietro!

This is what the fans have been waiting for!

The influencer and the DSDS star are entering a new phase of life. Laura Maria Rypas (26) finally moves in Pietro Lombardy (30) one. Sometimes it’s about time, because Baby Lombardi doesn’t even have a nursery yet. Their son is born in the spring.

However, Laura is annoyed by Pietro before the moving boxes are packed!

Explain “On/Off” in a Q&A session in their current podcast Laura and Pietro that they want to live together in his villa in Cologne at the end of November, but no later than December.

She chose the date because Pietro has so many appointments until then and Laura doesn’t like being alone in the new house. Pietro’s villa was broken into at the beginning of the year when Oliver and Amira Pocher lived there temporarily.

Now Laura’s move is again associated with disagreements. Happens often to the couple who broke up six times in the past.

“Your things are swinging all over the house, on three floors,” Laura mutters in the podcast. She says she likes order and Pietro says she can arrange it.

Laura’s baby ball grows and blooms. Alessio will soon be a big (half) brother

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The tasks in the Lombardi household seem to have to be divided before they move in together…

There is in any case agreement about the layout of the children’s room. There is still no furniture in Baby Lombardi’s room. Laura can imagine many “clouds and lamps” and above all a cozy nursing corner.

Pietro resigns and voluntarily leaves the furnishing of the entire house to Laura. With that, the pregnant Laura would have her way and the future double father Pietro would have his peace.

Pietro Lombardi and his Laura This happened suddenly while eating

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In the podcast, Pietro also reveals that it was difficult for him to meet his new girlfriend and son Alessio (from his first marriage to Sarah English) to get to know each other. Pietro: “That was a very difficult subject for me. This contact between Laura and Alessio – I was very sensitive to it. The first woman Alessio has ever met is Laura.”

They are now heart and soul, Alessio was also present at Laura and Pietro’s baby shower and is looking forward to his little brother.

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