Pavard is also disappointed at the World Cup: big podium, wrong position

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From: Hannah Raif


Bayern’s Benjamin Pavard is on Chelsea’s transfer list. © Teresa Kroeger/Imago

Benjamin Pavard wants to play as a central defender and is flirting with a transfer. But also at the World Cup, the Bayern player now has to grit his teeth.

Munich – The big podium is just right for Benjamin Pavard – but the FC Bayern defender can’t really apply for his dream job in European football at the 2022 World Cup. As central defense in the French national team is highly competitive, Pavard has to national coach Didier Deschamps do the same unloved job as in Munich: when he plays, it is on the right wing.

It’s no secret that Pavard would put himself in the center of the defensive line. From this point of view, November has actually worked out well for him so far. Because Lucas Hernandez slowly came closer after his injury and Matthijs de Ligt was out, Pavard was also allowed to play as a central defender under Julian Nagelsmann.

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But that hasn’t changed his fundamental dissatisfaction. The situation: Pavard is ready for a move and Bayern are not keen on keeping him. So simple so far – and yet the staff is explosive at the moment. Because the dissatisfaction and also interviews in which Pavard publicly flirted with a change in the summer in recent days did not exactly go down well with the bosses of Bayern. He played 1,520 minutes this season, only Alphonso Davies (1543), Upamecano (1865), Joshua Kimmich (1974) and Sadio Mané (1620) played more. The world champion announced in L’Equipe last week that he was “not averse” to “discovering a new project”.

As he now prepares in the World Cup camp, he laid the Gazzetta dello Sport after: “I won everything with Bayern. I am ready to evaluate new interesting projects,” he said. The postscript is important: “But as a central defender.” Pavard, who was already being watched by Manchester City and Chelsea in the summer, is doing it all pretty well. Someone wants it conversation and has a clear strategy. All of this is observed from Munich and there were no tendencies in the initial talks with Pavard’s adviser. After the World Cup you want to sit down again and be more specific. A farewell in the summer seems likely – and logical: only then can compensation be realised.Hannah Raif)

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