Paris St. Germain: “Crybaby” – Legendary striker settles scores with Neymar

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“Crybaby” – Legendary striker settles scores with Neymar

Neymar stood out against Reims with a lot of pitches.  Now he's getting a headwind for it

Neymar stood out against Reims with a lot of pitches. Now he’s getting a headwind for it


The re-appearance of superstar Neymar in the match in Reims has drawn heavy criticism. On television, former top striker Marco van Basten settles with the Paris St. Germain striker. It will be a relentless beating.

EIt was a night when Paris St. Germain got upset all too easily. Sergio Ramos was the first to see the red card in the first half – he discussed too much with the referee after an essentially harmless foul.

Towards the end of the game, Neymar, who only came on in the second half due to the tight schedule, played a key role in forming a pack and was shown a yellow card for a serious foul. It ended up being 0-0 in Reims – in short, a performance in which the frustrated French star ensemble rarely had control of itself.

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Especially the behavior of Neymar caused dissatisfaction with Marco van Basten. “Neymar is a real crybaby, he is constantly provoking. One moment he is insulting someone and the next he is playing the victim again,” the European champion of 1988 analyzed on Dutch TV on Ziggo Sports.

Not Van Basten’s first criticism

Neymar even enjoys the protection of the umpires. “There is no permission to touch him,” said 57-year-old Van Basten, calling for a tougher approach to the Brazilian: “I would applaud if someone really got a hold of him.” Once enraged, he neither labeled Neymar an “unbearable person in the field”.

Marco van Basten (left) during his general settlement

Marco van Basten (left) during his general settlement at “Ziggo Sports”

Credit: Dad/PRO SHOTS/Stanley Gontha

Neymar’s theatricality has always been viewed critically in world football, but rarely has anyone been as clear as Van Basten. And it is not the first time that the Dutchman has taken on Neymar. At the 2018 World Cup, he already chose clear words. “He makes way too much theatre. That’s not a good attitude. It is better to always do your best. Neymar should understand that too,” said Van Basten at the time. At the tournament in Russia, the former attacker was a member of the technical study group, which evaluates the matches of all teams.

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