“Own goal of the century” in Austria: goalkeeper with strange confession

Updated on 10/11/2022 at 10:25 am

  • Curious scene in the Austrian Bundesliga: SV Ried’s Matthias Gragger scores an own goal from over 60 yards in the game against Wolfsberger AC.
  • After the game, the keeper explains that he could have saved the ball – and why he let it through.

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It is overtime and SV Ried leads 2-0 in the Austrian Bundesliga against Wolfsberger AC on Sunday. Probably to calm the game and gain time, Ried defender Matthias Gragger shoots the ball from the opposing team back to his goalkeeper Samuel Radlinger.

However, the pass of about 64 meters is too high and sails past Radlinger into the goal to make it 2-1. In view of the accident, TV commentators immediately spoke of the “own goal of the century”. Rieder coach Christian Heinle said after the game: “It was immediately clear to me that half the football world would one day see the goal.”

Ried goalkeeper Radlinger deliberately allows own goal

But the own goal becomes even more remarkable: Keeper Radlinger explains to the “Kronen-Zeitung” that he could have parried the pass, but that he deliberately did not. Radlinger had already been warned. “That’s why I would have seen another yellow card and therefore yellow-red because of the backpass rule if I had saved the ball while running back into the penalty area,” he explains. The rules state that a goalkeeper may not touch a back pass from his own player with his hand.

Radlinger continues: “If I had touched him outside the penalty area with my hands, it would have been a goal robbery and a red card!” He let the ball through because his team was leading 2-0 and because stoppage time had already passed.

Luck for Rieder: WAC can’t find another target and so SV records its first win of the season since July 30. So Radlinger did everything right and his teammate Gragger should also be forgiving.

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